My #BeautifulFood With Borosil

 in association with Indiblogger arranged a contest a month ago. This entry of mine got selected as one of the best 50 entries who passed on to Round 2 of the contest. As a winner of Round 1, Borosil do gifted us a mega-hamper of beautiful kitchen accessories. A whole lot of pristine Borosil glassware. The beauty could be find in the picture below. Now for the 2nd round we have to cook the food we enjoy and covet most and we are supposed to showcase the meal with those beautiful dishes.

The mega-hamper from Borosil
The mega-hamper from Borosil

Nothing could be more fun! Especially it was a pleasant surprise for my mom when I voluntarily expressed my desire to cook those delectable dishes which are family’s favourite. My sister was jumping with joy and excitement. Mom was a bit tensed and Papa said ” don’t forget to put salt in Biriyani as you did the last time “. ( Ouch !! he still remembers )

Chicken Delight
Chicken Delight
1-borosil 010 - Copy
Chicken Masala

The cooking itself was a long process as I put the Biriyani under ‘dum’. Along with Biriyani, had to prepare some other dishes too. So there was “Chicken Delight” where I had to marinade the leg pieces with curd, paste of ginger,onion and garlic along with pista and raisins. Then there was “Chicken Masala”. It’s quite a simple dish but mouth-watering and Nita’s favourite.Made some parathas too as my Mom avoids rice for she is a patient of high blood sugar. Then the ‘raita’ rang the final bell. I Decorated and garnished every dish to give them a ‘ramp-ready’ look.  There were soft drinks and home-made lassi and shop-made rosgullas too.


Biriyani !!!!!!!
Biriyani !!!!!!!
My Lotus (raita)
My Lotus (raita)

When I invited my family and with a ‘tadaaaaaa’ showed them the table, their gawking gaze told me that I’ve done it quite successfully. Don’t know whether I’ll win anything in this round or not but I’ve been already rewarded as my parents and sister showered me with compliments ! Thank you Borosil for bestowing upon me this joy of making my family happy. 

Here goes all those ‘slurp slurp’ moments. Take a look at your own risk as you’re sure to drool  😛 .  Please click on individual images for a larger and better view.

This is an entry for the contest  My #BeautifulFood in association with Indiblogger and Borosil. To know more about beautiful kitchen accessories from Borosil, click here.

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