Healthy Child Is Synonymous To Happy Home

My sis
My sis

My sister is 6 years younger than me. When My mom one day returned from the hospital with that soft, cute bundle of joy, I just became overjoyed! From that day, I used to monitor her every moment, every motion, every ways of growing up. When she was 6 months old, she fell ill all of a sudden. It was a mild pneumonia but that damaged her immunity system a lot. Even after getting cured she used to catch cough and cold very easily. Fever was her constant companion. I remember her sitting sadly outside the play ground many a time. Mom didn’t want her to go outside and play under sun. She was always afraid that somehow her daughter would catch cold and would have to go through severe medication. Even she was not allowed to eat cold drinks and ice creams. I felt so sorry for her but actually had to obey mom’s orders in this respect.

I still can visualize that day. It was Sheena’s 6th birthday and both of us were happily playing around the house from the morning. Papa ordered her favorite chocolate cake and some friends and relatives were invited . A small house party was arranged. I was busy decorating the living room with colored papers, ribbons and balloons. Papa returned from the market with some packets. He handed me a big one and said, “There are ice-creams in it, go and keep it in the fridge…go quickly otherwise they will melt”.

I was about to put the packet in the fridge when suddenly and surreptitiously Sheena appeared by my side. “Hey, will you please give a cup to me? Please? Mom will not give me even a spoonful…I know..she never gives” said she, with tears in her eyes. I just couldn’t resist myself. After all, it was her birthday! Her twinkling eyes and angelic smile conveyed her happiness as I handed her a cup.

But it was a wrong thing to do and I understood in the evening what mistake I had done. She woke up with a sore throat, watery eyes and mild fever. Mom just went crazy! All the relatives were about to come and Sheena herself fell ill. She asked her several times whether she had drank a drop from the bottle of cold drinks…she, with a face ashen and haggard, nodded negatively. Mom finally asked me! I had to confess for it was painful for me to witness her plight. I want her to get well soon, by some magic potion or something. Mom didn’t scold me. She understood my feelings and emotions.

That evening when the guests arrived mom had  no way but to apologize for Sheena’s absence. She was sleeping after  taking her tablets and cough syrup. Meera aunty, mom’s friend, told that evening that she should try Dabur Chyawanprash for Sheena. She also told that it’s totally natural and contains ingredients like Amla and Giloy and also other herbs which are essential for improving the immunity system.

Next morning, as soon as the nearby shop opened, mom went out to fetch a bottle of Dabur Chyawanprash. She was tired of seeing her dear daughter falling sick for at least once in every month. From that day Sheena used to take Chyawanprash, 2 times a day. Mom made it mandatory for me also. I really liked the taste,sort of pickle type, so was rather happy.

Dabur Chyawanprash really worked slowly but surely for Sheena. Within one year she looked much healthier and stronger. She used to play outside with her friends too. There were a few more times that she fell ill with fever and cold but she recuperated very quickly and easily. Our home was happy..or I should say happier with Sheena jumping and playing all the time. Mom no more asked her to stay off from ice -creams  and cold-drinks. We were happy.

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