Digitized India, an Initiative


Digital India- The Dream

Digital India is a vision to transform the country into a connected knowledge-economy. Through this process, the government services should be available to the mass; even to people living in places which are considerably under-developed. To make the dream a reality, the IT sector is accentuating on providing digital literacy to the people. Digital literacy will empower more people to avail the privilege of digital India, and, thus providing the country a strong digital economy.


E-Governance creates a digital network and virtually the government services become a one-stop shop for the citizens. Currently, nearly 74% of the population uses mobile phone (source: Economic Times) and by 2019, it is expected that every person will be able to use a mobile phone.

So, if all the Government services e.g. banking, infrastructure, health, sanitation, financial services etc can be covered digitally, it will automatically become the first step towards digital India. At present, nearly 60% of the nation’s population doesn’t have access to financial services. Through the proper implication of E- Governance, a smooth connection can be established between the government departments and the citizens.

Importance and Benefits of E-Governance

E-Governance can make the dealings with government departments more transparent. Corruption is a thing that pesters the country and many a time citizens have to face situations in which they have to pay a bribe to the concerned persons in order to make them work. This is a sad state of affair in almost all parts of India.

Through electronic connectivity and reduced paperwork, such hassles can be reduced. In fact, I think technology can reform the government services all over.

Access to internet, phone, and banking infrastructure. Provision of services on demand.  Smooth and quick connectivity as well as availability of digital resources.

All these should be the primary perspectives.

India is a country with a huge population. This human resource can be effectively used once the dream of digital India is fulfilled. But it is easier said than done. There are several issues which we should keep in mind and try our best to bring on easy, plausible solutions for them.


The Essential Aspects of Digital India’s Infrastructure: My Views

• Availability of Internet

Though  internet service is available in many parts of the country but, still only the urban areas can  avail the advantage to the fullest. In rural areas, connectivity is an all-time issue. Even when there is the connection, it’s terribly slow and prevents one to do anything smoothly.

As this is the key factor to materialize the vision of e-India, the government should take of it first and foremost. Broadband service has already developed a lot and now can be availed from even the remotest of places. Along with that, mobile wireless services should be given priority (WiMax, 3G, 4G). It should also be taken care of that these services remain affordable to the citizens especially to the rural people.

An expensive service will only create more complications. Effective yet affordable (or free) internet is the fundamental factor of #DigitalIndia.

• Digital Literacy

This is a problem which needs a genuine endeavor for its eradication. In a country where general literacy stands at about 74% as of now ( a major gender disparity is there, in this case. Male literacy percentage is much more than females), digital literacy for all is not easy to achieve. But it is not impossible at all.

People have a general curiosity towards mobile phones, tabs, and computers. I’ve worked with an NGO and I’ve seen it for myself. Within just two weeks, some vegetable vendors and a group of maid-servants; who didn’t even know how to operate their bank accounts, learned the usage of mobile phones. Some of them were even able to read/send texts in Hindi. I think if there are effective digital literacy programs undertaken by the Govt,  100% digital literacy is surely achievable.

 Effective e-commerce, Electronic Delivery of Services

E-education is an integral part of digital literacy. While for the illiterates it’s difficult to learn things from books, one can easily learn if they’re taught digitally. Simple online courses on agriculture, fishing, apiculture, sericulture, can create new horizons for rural India.  Online healthcare and sanitation programs will make rural womenfolk aware of different things and also solve their problems which they often face regarding their health.

It will also enable the citizens to apply for different licenses and jobs. We all have perhaps faced the harassments while buying tickets for flights or trains or applying/renewing our passports before the processes were digitized. Now, there is much transparency, ease, and, efficiency.

Another problem in e-commerce in this country is non-availability of services in rural and semi-urban areas. Many e-commerce sites don’t deliver goods in those areas and thus people are suffering in many ways.  Effective e-commerce services should be introduced so that, all the citizens can be benefited irrespective of the place where they reside.

• Knowledge Can Save Lives

We often come across of the news of missing fishermen in the sea. They venture out without knowing the weather condition, wave heights and other necessary information which can save their lives. A digital information hub in every village can provide them with this information and save their lives.

Similarly, regular weather forecast can become immensely helpful to the farmers.

• E-Banking

E- banking will not only save papers but also make it quick and transparent. Though it is gaining popularity day by day but, still some banks, especially the ‘graamin co-operatives’ are yet to welcome this initiativeOnce each and every bank comes under e-banking, smooth and hassle-free financial banking shall be our pride.


Intel Supporting The Vision Of Digital India

It’s not a rocket science to understand that all these steps and measures are inter-related and without developing the one, another always will remain a distant dream. Digital empowerment is only possible with a universal digital literacy and availability of digital resources/services in Indian languages. This is not possible without precise technology and knowledge of IT.

Intel.in, a pioneer and a name almost synonymous with IT, is working with the Government of India to realize the dream of #DigitalIndia. As a part of this program, Intel.in has introduced a digital skill training application which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages.

The app will be available free on Android Play Store from December 6 in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada. (Source: TOI)

This is a welcome step towards digital empowerment and e-governance as well.

Intel has also announced to run a training program at the panchayat levels and is jointly working with  National Optic Fibre Network to receive Broadband facility. It has also joined hands with Bharat Broadband Network Ltd.

Intel.in is consistent in its endeavor to provide India with computing technology that is affordable, simple and easily accessible.

With such efficient participation of Intel.in, the dream of #DigitalIndia doesn’t seem to be a distant one. With the achievement of digital literacy, the benefits of E-Governance can be fully utilized by the citizens and India will surely be digitized and that will offer more dynamism in the economy making our country more developed and powerful.

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Image Source: Indiblogger and Youth ki Awaaz.com

Why One Should #ChooseToStart With Moto E


The word ‘first’ always has a special significance in or life. We never forget our first date, first love, the first school, first smoking experience…so on and so forth. We learn a lot from our firsts. Life teaches us the wisest of experiences through anything that is first. 

My first experience with Android Smartphones traces back to 2010. Smartphones were phenomenal at that time. The concept, the technology, the interface, everything was awe-inspiring, especially to the young Gen Y. I was in my early twenties and, needless to say, the ‘smart’ trend affected me a lot.

I just joined job as a software professional in a reputed MNC and eventually fell in love with one of my colleagues, head over heels. Those were days of colorful dreams. Oh! I’m digressing from the topic. 😀 To cut a long story short, when Samsung introduced their Galaxy S sometime in the middle of 2010, I laid my hands upon it. On 16th of July 2010, I bought my first Android Smartphone which cost me a whopping 30k.

Who paid the amount? Most of it was me but, I had to lend a few thousand from my Dad too.
Why Did I buy it? Because it was the latest in the market and to be more honest, I want to impress my first steady girlfriend with my first smartphone!

The OS was Android 2.1 and it had a 5 MP camera. I remember those days when I used to show off with my first smartphone. And my girlfriend? I clicked so many photos of her, one day she told me,’ ab bas kar yaar’. When a girl shows her reluctance to be clicked by her boyfriend, you can safely take it as a great achievement. (of the phone 😛 )

After that, I changed my set a couple of times. But every time I buy a new one, I get the same thrill of discovering something new. Being a software professional, technology has its own attraction to me. So, the news of all new Moto E hitting the market, made me excited and happy.

How should I start exploring this sleek, vibrant beauty if I would #ChooseToStart with it?

Let’s start with the camera. Clicking with Moto E is a simple yet great experience. The “Quick Capture” feature is one of the most popular one with Moto X and, they have made it to the new Moto E too. You’ve to simply twist your wrist twice to launch the camera. Two twists again and, you’re ready to click a selfie with the front-facing camera, anywhere, everywhere.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 21.40.21
The Quad-core Processor is sure to make multi-tasking a much faster and greater experience. With 1 GB RAM and 8GB Rom, you can do anything you like at a time. Play games and listening to music can be a simultaneous experience.

The 2nd Gen Moto E is the outcome of an extensive research. The engineers painstakingly have brought in all those Moto Experiences that are available with Moto X! But Moto E is not going to tax your pocket. They’ve successfully put in a Quad-core processor, an all-day battery, a new front-facing camera, and a 4.5″ qHD display; which means all the popular features at an affordable price.

The curved back (no pun intended) of the Moto E has made it attractive and easy to hold. It is ergonomically designed to fit in the hand without bending while we put it in the back pocket. ( This feature is extremely useful for me because I’m no more in my early twenties, neither have the mentality of show-off holding my smartphone in my hand. All I need is to keep it safely in my back pocket.

The new Moto E enables you to customize it with colorful Motorola Bands or Grip shells. They’re easy to swap out and their unique ridged pattern provides an even better grip.

section-2-4-phone-3Another remarkable feature is the dual accelerometers actually enabling some of the most popular features of Moto X to be found in Moto E. The new Moto E is supposed to stay dark until you nudge it for notification. With Motorola Assist’s Sleep Mode and Meeting Mode, we can stay least bothered when we don’t want to get disturbed.

So I think Moto E is the best smartphone we can #ChooseToStart with. Motorola has engineered with excellence the most popular features of Moto X in Moto E. The company has envisioned a smarter way to make people afford smartphones.

After five years of my first smartphone experience, now I;m wise enough to understand that money doesn’t speak the last when it comes to smartphones. Now what I actually want with my phone is comfortable features with affordability. And Moto E is the best to if I now #ChooseToStart.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 22.36.22 The above quote from Motorola’s industrial engineer, Mr. Park speaks my mind.
#ChooseToStart with Moto E. You’ll definitely find it way better than any other smartphones. To know more about Moto E ‘s unique features, visit Start With Moto E

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Nashta With Guptaji

Well, nashta (breakfast) is a very important part of my life. Not because I’m a foodie, but this is the only time in the morning when I can eat a plateful. In my office, I seldom get any time for having a proper lunch and, so, I try not to skip my breakfast for anything.

According to a popular saying, one should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast. I think it’s a right observation. A stomach full of food at the very beginning of the day provides me the strength and energy to face the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It keeps us  going all through the day.

So, when my mother went to my uncle’s house in Delhi last month, I had no other option left than to visit Guptaji’s house for having my breakfast. We fondly call Guptaji as #KelloggsWaleGuptaji. His wife, Shaluji knows more than 100 of delicious recipes and she makes all of them with Kellogg’s Cornflakes! Her nashta dishes are so famous that almost everyone in our locality wishes to have nashta at their place. You don’t believe it? Just visit the Anaaj ka Nashta page and see for yourself.

Well, my mom was away for a week and during her absence I enjoyed the hospitality of Guptaji’s family for my nashta. I have to admit that they Guptaji ki family surely knows to whip up the perfect breakfast for any given occasion. They have the idea to make all sorts of nashta recipes with Kellogg’s Cornflakes. During those seven days, I clearly understood why they’re the talk of the town when it comes to nashta!

I’m here today to share a few delicacies which I have enjoyed with Guptaji ki family.

Bowled overThis solid nashta made with cold milk, sliced banana, sliced strawberries, and Kellogg’s Cornflakes is a great one to kick start the morning. Shaluji served me this on the first day and, I was completely bowled over! This tasted extremely good and, it’s also a wholesome dish providing all the goodness of corn, milk and fruits.

walnutWhat can be more exciting than a sweet dish made from cornflakes? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? That’s exactly what my host made. An innovative recipe prepared by Shaluji using dark and milk chocolates and, of course, Kellogg’s Cornflakes. You can find the recipe attached in the picture. I’ve a sweet-tooth and never before my breakfast was sweeter that this.

hazelThis  has been rightly named as ‘chup karne-wala nashta‘! Because this yummilicious bowl will increase your craving for more as you keep on eating without speaking a word. And, when this one is followed by another lip-smacking sweet-dish, you’ll find yourself in cloud nine. Coconut ladoos made from cornflakes! I’m drooling as I’m writing this one.

tiffin wala


I can tell you that one thing, the world of Kellogg’s Cornflakes is so tasteful and delicious that you’ll find it hard to believe without experiencing it yourself. #GuptajiKiFamily made my mornings wonderful with their nashta recipes. Now I can well understand why everyone is so eager to get an invitation from them to join them for nashta!
Visit this link to see for yourself, https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

Also, watch this short video to know more about #KelloggsWaleGuptaji and Anaaj ka NashtaTry out the amazing recipes for yourself and your loved ones. Make your ‘good’ mornings even ‘better’ ones with Kellogg’s Cornflakes.


All pictures used in this post have been taken from Kellogg’s India’s  Anaaj ka Nashta page.


I Am Happy

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,”“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”. Nothing can be truer than this. Life is short and, we have so many things to done, so many commitments to fulfill. So I think we should garner happiness from every possible corner…..from every possible situation.

It is true that it’s not possible to be happy all the time. But, why not have the optimism? Why not have the positive mindset to look at the bright side of everything? After all, happiness is what we think, how we act and how we feel; all in a harmonious way.

Happiness to me is a state of mind and, I always try to be in that state. I don’t need an expensive exotic trip to feel my mind with bubbles of happiness. A brisk walk by the side of the sea, even a Chowpatty beach stroll, does the magic for me. Enjoying a spicy bhelpuri with my friends or hanging out with them just doing nothing but chatting about everything under the sun, makes me happy.

Don’t we feel happiness in those news bringing smiles to your near and dear ones? Last year when my cousin cracked the IIT and came running to our house, shouting and dancing all through the way, the scene, the news, presented some perfect moments of happiness to me. The twinkling of his eyes, the joy in his shout….I could feel the ecstasy along with him. I shared his happiness and became a part of it. I think such things not only fills our mind with the purest of happiness, but also makes some moments  to cherish forever in life.

When my Mom makes my favorite dish, that is instant happiness for me. Relishing on food that satisfies my taste buds and licking my fingers even after finishing the food, makes me happy. No, I’m a glutton when it comes to food but I enjoy good food specially made by my mom. Happiness of such types is quite tangible.(though I think particularly this thing, makes everyone happy)

Happiness is easy to find if  one really wants it. When I put a ten-rupee-note on the hand of the handicapped beggar, who  used to stand just outside my office, his smile feels my mind with happiness.

After a long day at the office, when finally I get a break to move down to the common lounge and plan with my friends for a hangout in the evening, oh! Man! Happiness it is. A lovely text from my girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning helps me understanding the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness is always present in such trivial moments and experiences of life.  If someone wants to be happy, the sight of the clear blue sky after a heavy shower can make him so. Life is short, we’ve every right to make it beautiful by all means. Staying happy is a part of it.

Coca-Cola India celebrates such simple happiness in this ad http://CokeURL.com/96jnc. Nothing can make one happier and more refreshed than a bottle of Coca-Cola! The brand is synonymous with happiness. Enjoy the ad below and feel the same. Stay happy, stay refreshed with Coca-Cola and say #Iamhappy

Being Together


We need to proceed in life, to improve, to change. Moving forward is an integral part of life and, sometimes we have to take the toughest of decisions in doing that.

I still remember the evening. Springtime was approaching and the light, redolent evening breeze mellowed down the harshness of winter. After returning from office, I was savoring on a cup of coffee when my husband called up,“My office wants to send me for a six-months training to US, it’s a prestigious opportunity as, I’ll be the first one to go for this specialization. But, I haven’t yet nodded my approval. I want to know your decision. What say, darling?” Yes, my decision mattered for it was only one month of our marriage and, he was not supposed to take his family along with.

We started a journey just one month ago, A journey of togetherness and, it was not easy for either of us to be miles apart for s-i-x long months. But as I said, sometimes, the hardest of decisions are a litmus test for our prudence, wisdom, and success.

But some things are easier said than done! The pangs of separation were too hard to bear. I consoled myself saying, “this too shall pass”.

Six months seemed like an eternity! Then, another evening; the wind was scorching and felt like coming straight from the blower, the humid weather was as annoying as any other day, but, for me, there was a strange symphony in the air. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport looked like a dreamy wonderland as I was waiting anxiously, holding my breath. It was like meeting him for the first time, or, even more than it. It was like waking up from a traumatic nightmare to see everything was at the place, everything was fine.

Then he arrived. Without uttering a single word, he hugged me tightly and said,“It’s over, today we will ride home TOGETHER.” It was the most memorable moment of my life. Without him by my side, everything was void. His absence created a vacuum, I lost all enthusiasm and optimism. As soon as he was HOME, all seemed cheerful again! Life was beautiful all over with vibrant hues and shades, full of hope and smile.

I realize that very day, a real HOME is not where a preset GPRS navigation system leads you to, it’s not a place full of expensive furniture and other related household gadgets, a HOME is something else. A real HOME actually consists of those moments which help you look up with optimism, make you feel the presence of someone you love dearly. These moments building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that inspires you to move forward and evokes the true feeling of being #together. Life challenges us with hurdles but, the real strength and motivation to conquer those obstacles come from the family. The inner happiness and joy of being #together help us to move ahead, to #lookup.

At Housing.com, they believe the same. That “Most times, it’s the company that matters more than the advice, and that is the power of being #together!” Indeed it is. Optimism is a state of mind which helps you to look at the best things possible. With a little help from your loved ones, you can achieve even the hardest of obstacles with inner strength and optimism. Visit Housing.com to know everything about housing and real estate. An all new exclusive site that enables you to to build your dream home and to fill it with optimism.

Screenshot 2015-03-14 18.52.40
Picture Courtesy: Housing.com

Author: Pinky

Starting A New Life

brandcover (1)

It is very rightly said that, change is the only thing constant in life. We change with time; changes are sometimes good for us and, sometimes we change ourselves as an inevitable part of life. Whatever it is, change is very much synonymous with life and growth. It denotes that we are growing, moulding ourselves for the betterment.

Some changes play significant roles in our life. They teach us the way of life, they make us understand the true meaning of moving ahead. In my life, such a change occurred when I decided to join the corporate world. One may think it to be a common thing but in my case, it was a bit different. My father, being a high-ranking Government official, always wanted me to join the civil service. He was an unyielding person and from my very childhood the concept was ingrained in me, that, I must join civil service.

I was preparing accordingly. Taking tuitions from best coaching centres, extensive studies and, working hard to crack the civil service exams. One day, just  out of curiosity, I accompanied a friend who was going to appear for an interview at a reputed multi-national. I was not at all serious about the interview but when I faced the panel of interviewers, I delivered my best. After a few days, I received the call letter. I was overwhelmed with the success and wanted to join the job wholeheartedly. I was exhausted with the hard work that involved the preparation of civil service exams and, I thought it to be quite an uncertain thing. There was no guarantee that I’ll get a job of my preference even after cracking the exam. Moreover, I was not getting the consent of my mind to persuade for the exam as I was feeling more interested towards the corporate world.

It was a gargantuan job to make Dad understand my feelings and sentiments. He was stubborn as anything. Finally, my mother intervened by saying that everybody had the right to choose his/her own way of life and, Dad should not take decisions on behalf of me. Those were strong words, but, she managed. I’m proud of my mom!

So, my life did take a vital turn. I was to join the Bengaluru office which meant not only a new job but, a new city as well. A new place was a tad bit difficult to cope up with initially, but, I changed myself too. I changed my food habit, I adjusted with the hot and humid weather. I promised myself that I’ll make my Dad proud of me one day.

But the most difficult thing I faced in Bengaluru, was finding a decent apartment! It took me months to find a suitable one. Now, when I look at sites like Housing.com I just can’t help but praise the efforts put in to make it so effective and  helpful to everyone. Finding a serviced apartment, buying/selling house or even investing in real estates are no more a hassle. One can do it most conveniently with  Housing.com. The portal has revolutionised the concept of  real estate, a change has come, a good change in every sense.

A bold step is always needed to change one’s way of life. In my case, my decision helped me to move further. Within six months of service, I was sent for a training to USA. My father congratulated me and, his face lighted up when I told him that after returning, I’ll get a promotion. Yes, I made him proud. I gave my best and, it changed everything.

Housing.com believes in changes, changes which usher positivity and help to live better. Watch this video. Don’t hesitate to bring change into your own life. It’s never too late to start anew. #StartANewLife.