My Taazgi Ka Dhamaka With Colgate #MaxFreshMove

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Getting groovy with Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda should always be the most exciting experience ever. The energizing effect I get from the great singer and dancing diva Anushka Manchanda and the refreshing and eye-rolling steps of Allu Arjun is beyond words. And, guess how  enchanting the video must be featuring both of them together! It’s a total masti+dhamaka or should I call it taazgi ka tadka! Because you just can’t sit silently and watch it. You have to move your body along with the rhythm, you have to make your feet tapping with the music. Finding it hard to believe? Well, have a look at the video.

Now, while I was watching the video for the nth number of times, I thought of adding some screen shots of the steps of Allu Arjun which I find totally irresistible.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.29.43This step is a perfect one for a shaadiwala dhamaka. I wish to move up with the music in the same way while attending one of my friends wedding ceremony. The way he has scattered up those red pieces is just overwhelming.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.30.01This is a WOW step, full of energy and vitality. No doubt it’s one of my most favorite #MaxFreshMove! The way Allu Arjun is dancing with both his hands and legs moving in perfect sync, proves his super flexibility and  charisma.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.30.45I love this step! Look the way the beautiful bride has gone gaga over him! It is a simple step, but looks very much youthful. Also it’s a tad typical Mumbaiya tapoori style. Fun to watch it. Allu Arjun can make the most of every simple dance step by improvising it into his very inimitable style!

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.31.41Another fabulous step and one needs to be as fit as a fiddle to perform this. I hope all my precious hours spent at the gym will save me. Hope to perform it in a friends gathering. Chilling out with buddies while performing a bit with the music seems to be a cool idea.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.31.56This is a cool move. Easy and rhythmic steps full of energy. In fact, I’ve successfully imitated this and received a good round of applause from my sister. As a dance lover, I can say, Allu Arjun has done a commendable performance along with Anushka Manchanda in this wonderful video.

Dance should come from within, it is the ultimate manifestation of energy and the aesthetic sense. The steps shown here are the best #MaxFreshMove for me.
dance can make any occasion full of masti and magic. I would passionately like to follow up these steps to brighten up the mood, be it a friends gathering, a wedding ceremony or an office party.

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Natural Goodness of Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Dabur, the company that has a tie-up with Mother Nature, has come up with a new baby product, Dabur Baby Massage Oil. There are numerous such products in the market, you can say, then what makes it different from those? Well, this baby oil is filled with the goodness of almond and olive oils, two natural ingredients greatly important for the wholesome development of a baby.

A baby has a naturally soft and radiant skin. Babies, as they say,  are as pure as the God. The cherubic smile and  chubby cheeks can steal anyone’s heart away. So, when it comes to baby’s skin, it becomes absolutely important to take care with special love and nourishment. While mother’s all-encompassing love is most important for a baby, a product like Dabur Baby Massage Oil can ensure his all-round development.

How It Is Different From Other Existing Products?

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is FREE form ant artificial color, paraffin and paraben. Due to their cost effectiveness, such chemicals are used in most of the baby oils making them unsafe for babies in the long run. Such chemicals can create serious health problems like muscle and bone development and retarded growth. Dabur, through extensive research, has made this product absolutely safe and natural.

Goodness Of Premium Natural Oils

Premium natural oils like Olive and Almond have made the oil genuine and effective for baby’s skin nourishment.

5 Benefits of Almond Oil

1. Makes skin healthy and glowing, also helps to improve the texture of the complexion.
2. Moisturizes the skin retaining the natural moisture balance of baby’s delicate skin.
3. Babies are often prone to inflammation and irritation. Prevents, cures and soothes such problems.
4. Nourishes skin making it soft and supple.
5. Regular massaging helps to increase growth and helps in blood circulation.

5 Benefits of Olive Oil

1. A very effective natural moisturizer for skin.
2. Helps to maintain the oil-water balance of the skin.
3. It is used as a natural medicine and has skin regenerative powers. In ancient times, people used it extensively for medicinal purposes. 
4. The mild smell is a natural refresher.
5. Rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and Omega-9 (oleic acid)

Honestly, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is thus the most efficient baby oil available in the market. We certainly don’t take chances when things are associated with babies and, nothing can be safer than an oil made from natural ingredients. Not only that it’s free from any harmful chemicals, any artificial colors and dermatologically tested.

A good massage is beneficial to the baby always. Give your baby the natural goodness, help him grow in a playful manner. The packaging of Dabur Baby Massage Oil with a cute baby elephant on the packet is attractive to babies, too.

Image Credit: Dabur

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Honey, I Love You

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Staying healthy is important for everyone. Following a regular fitness regime may be hard but a must for all irrespective of age and gender. It is all about being a better you, taking good care of your constitution.

Winter is a time when all of us indulge ourselves in lavish foods. In a tropical country like ours, winter is the only time when we can gulp down several kinds of dishes without getting a worry. But as summer sets in, the extra layer of fat becomes visible making our eyebrows squeeze in disgust. And, we feel the urge of getting back in shape, as soon as possible.

Most of us, nowadays, spend a hectic life full of tremendous work pressure, deadlines, video conferences, meetings and what not. We seldom get any time to hit the gym regularly or take a brisk walk for an hour ritually. Knowing full well that regular exercise is the best way to reduce the extra fatty layer, we still overlook it and opt for something easier and quicker. Yes, I’m talking of the crash diet.

Most of us embark on this rapid reducing process of losing weight by cutting down the regular calorie intake. There are several types of crash diets formula available, the most popular are cabbage and soup diet.

The fact is these type of crash diets are not at all effective in the long run, nor do they help you genuinely to reduce the extra fat. The worst is often such severely restricted meal plans lead to serious protein and vitamin deficiency along with hormonal imbalance. Many also suffer from psychological problems like depression and low energy level.  Crash diets can seriously affect your health at times.

On the other hand, simple workout for just 10 minutes and a balanced healthy diet can surely help you attain the result you are looking for, that is, a fit and healthy body.

A healthy diet is an all-encompassing one, with the right amount of calorie. It helps you to have a healthy and happy body. And, we all know, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  presents a unique way to make the most of honey. Honey, the elixir of nature, is used for various therapeutic and medicinal purposes since ages. Instead of following those erroneous crash diets we can very easily follow the Honey Diet to start afresh. The goodness of honey helps to retain us in shape while enjoying the sweetness of it.
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Thanks to Dabur, #HoneyDietIsHere! Dabur honey is made from the finest sources of the Himalayas and the Sundarbans, passed through strict quality tests to ensure the purity.

You can easily spare 10 or 15 minutes regularly for  exercising. Start your day with Dabur honey in one glass of warm water. The potion of pure honey will do the magic for you. Let nature take care of your health, enjoy your fitness resume with honey diet. To know more about the goodness of honey click here. Last but not the least, check to know simple tips of staying fit and healthy. After all, it’s your body and it needs good care.

Image credit: Dabur

Surf With UC


It would be an understatement to say I’m a cricket fan; I’m a crazy fanatic who is obsessed with the game. I used to play cricket in school, even in college I nurtured my desire of becoming a cricketer. But, my destiny didn’t allow me pursue my dream of  playing the Gentleman’s Game. But the devotion for the game continued, not only that, it has increased with the time.

As a kid, the opportunity to watch cricket depended solely on the decision of my mother. Whenever there was a test match or one-day series I used to put extra efforts to my studies and, accordingly granted from her the permission to watch the television in exchange of my good marks.

Now, with hundreds of channels around, watching cricket and keeping a vivid account of the update are not problems at all. Nobody is there to stop me from watching cricket, be it the wee hours of the morning or the midnight. But, I have my own constraints and limitations now. I can’t keep awake at night as I’ve to meet the deadline in the office the next day or attend some meeting in the first hour.

I’ve lied several times for the sake of cricket to my boss. I killed my already deceased uncle a few more times to take leave, several times I made myself dying from stomach pain and what not!  I even cancelled dates with my girlfriend a few times! (Yes, I’m that crazy) I refused to attend family functions when it clashed with an important match.  These definitely hurts my feelings as well as others, but I’m just helpless when it is cricket!

Still,  with the increasing number of matches throughout the year, the IPL, the T-20, the Test series- it is impossible these days to keep track of everything unless you’re enjoying a retired life. Googling surreptitiously for the latest update while in a meeting was the only plausible option before I find out the UCWEB.COM

This exclusive browser is a dream-come-true for every cricket lover!  The UC browser from UCWEB.COM is the coolest ever mobile browser. It works seamlessly for Android; not only that  it can be installed on other platforms like Windows, Java, Pad, i-phone or even in your PC. It is fast and very much user-friendly. In fact, it’s seamless operation has made me a great fan and, I’ve made it my default browser on my mobile.
Screenshot 2015-07-08 12.24.28
Now, you may ask why it is the coolest one for ardent cricket lovers like us? Well, UC browser has a dedicated space for cricket fans! The small BLUE icon on the upper right side of the home screen will provide you with all the latest cricket updates. You can click on the desired link to watch more! It is just unbelievable! Never before getting cricket news and watching live updates were so easy.
Screenshot 2015-07-08 12.24.54

UC Cricket has freed me from the hassle of googling and waiting to get live news. It has really helped me to become social. I can now go anywhere or attend any function without being bothered to get live updates.

-Live Score with auto-updates
– Fixture & Result
– Latest News
– Videos
All these come free with UC CricketExcitement and happiness at your fingertips. Download the browser today to enjoy cricket and life.
Watch the video of beloved Yuvi #YuviSurfsUC.