Mist,Mountain,Tea and Petrichor


It was a sleepy morning in the mountains
We started our adventure through the rugged terrains
The mist was hanging down by the cliffs like clouds
“It ‘s going to be rain” someone said aloud. 
But mountains has a changing mood we all know 
Here’s a drizzle and there’s a sun will give you a blow

We were visiting the picturesque state of Sikkim
My longing to be there was finally blooming.
We watched the Buddhist monasteries, so calm and cool
I thought how splendid it would feel to visit here when the moon is full.
Somebody suggested to pay a visit to a tea garden, lush green beauty 
” We should go ” said my sister , it’s our mountainous duty.


So we reached there,” Temi Tea Garden ” as they called it by name
It was like any other tea garden and I visited earlier a couple of them
I descended several steps to reach the garden, among the trees
Shade trees stood tall, long and straight, birds and buzzing bees.
The sky grew black and suddenly it started to rain
Droplets of water, coming downwards, causing much pain. 

Then it happened, like a magic, mystical and mythical 
A fragrance filled the the garden, mesmerizing and ethereal
The rain-soaked tea trees emitted a smell , fresh and sweet 
Along with the petrichor it lifted up my spirit.
That an aroma could make one so joyful and lively 
I never felt like that , smelling the air merrily .


Tea could be refreshing , yes , we all know 
But have you ever experienced that wild aroma of fresh -soaked leaves ?
Mingled with the scent of dry earth, thrived with moisture
It was a godly experience, I still wonder. 
The mist, the tea-trees, the petrichor and clouds
The aroma had a mysterious formula, enveloped in shrouds .

Godrej aer creates fragrances, inspired by nature 
Natural aromatic experiences, that’s their main feature.
I wish them to invent a smell as sweet as my experience 
Most exotic and divine, the olfactory lobe could sense.


This post is an entry for the #InspireAFragrance contest in association with Indiblogger and http://www.godrejaer.com/ .

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