My New Year Resolutions With Micromax P666

I always think that I’m in a wrong profession being a software professional. From my very childhood I had an affinity for teaching. I still remember those days when I used to make a group of students including my younger cousins and made myself their self-appointed teacher. It was really a childish thing to do but I was really passionate about teaching. Even when in college I gave tuition to some students and was associated professionally with a local coaching-center.

With ongoing days my priority changed and I had to work hard to make my future bright. My job is quite demanding and a great part of the day is spent in office. I find it quite hard now to follow my old hobbies and passion, teaching being the most favorite of them. On Sundays, I go to an orphanage and try my best to spend some quality time with the kids over there while trying to educate them about computers and multimedia in my own ways. But it’s quite difficult to manage things at times as the orphanage has only one old desktop computer which most of the times takes an abnormally long time to download anything and buffering is really a painstaking activity. Using my laptop is also a problem there as all the kids would want to operate it and I can’t afford that as it’s my official laptop.

I was toying with the idea of buying a tab which would be really helpful for my little students and then I discover the Micromax Canvas Tab P666. It’s really the thing which I want. Powered by the Intel Atom Processor which provides a lightening fast speed and seamless buffering. It’s a cool device for multitasking also. With 3G Connection, I can make my students aware of so many things. Well, my first new year resolution is to re-discover my passion for teaching with this Micromax P666. It’s easy to handle and those poor, little kids will find it quite attractive when I will show them the front 2 MP and rear 5 MP camera. It’s not only a resolution but I take it as my passion to make those kids acquainted with the vibrating world of internet. I’ll definitely discover a ‘new me’…a teacher and a guide.

This tab also  has rekindled one of my long lost hobby of watching movies. There was a time when I used to be a movie buff. Be it Tarantino or Kurosawa, Ray or Bergman…. I used to watch anything and everything. Not only classics and parallel films but contemporary commercial ones also. With Micromax P666 tab’s 325 hours stand by time, 6 hours* browsing time and 7 hours video playback along with Wi-Fi connectivity, I think my second resolution for the year 2015 is to watch as many movies as possible! A 20.32 cms IPS screen would provide a wonderful watching experience on the tab. Be it anywhere, cab, office or cafe.

Thanks to Micromax Canvas P666 for helping me to sort out my New Year resolution. Hope with the help of the tab I would be able to say that I’ve succeeded to hold fast to my resolutions.

To know more about the tab, click HERE

Have a look at this video to know more about the tab.

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Papa, #WillYouShave ?


My father went for a month-long official tour. It was quite hard for us to spend time without him. Especially for my mom because I was only 10 years old and my sister being only 4. My little sister often used to throw tantrums for she was Papa’s blue-eyed girl. It was almost impossible to console her at times. Twenty years ago from now, there was no availability of internet or abundance of mobile phones, so it was not easy to contact with a person who was 100 kilometers away. I used to show her pictures of my father and tried to make her understand that he would soon be home.

It was a Friday night when Papa knocked the gate. Mom and I knew that he was scheduled to come that day but we didn’t disclose that to the little kid. We wanted it to come as a great surprise to her. We wanted her to be overjoyed seeing her father. We wanted to see her expression and all three of us were hoping to have a great family moment.

But as soon as Papa entered the room and spread his arms to hug his dearest daughter, she let out a cry after throwing a single glance at him. She refused to go to his lap and behaved as if he was a stranger. It was a strange moment! Mama said to her,”look baby, here is your Papa, go and give him a hug”. She cried even bitterly, went to her room, took out a photograph of Papa from the drawer and said pointing towards it,”This is not Papa..papa has no such hairs (stubble) on his face, give me my Papa back”!!!!

Then it became all clear to us. Papa didn’t had the chance to shave as he was under tremendous work pressure. He really was looking odd. But that was not possible for the little girl to comprehend and she took him as a stranger. 😀

We were laughing and Papa went straight to the toilet to have a bath and shave. When he came out, little sis at once jumped to his lap and started blabbering all sort of things. It was a happy moment for all four of us.

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Why Melbourne is the Most Livable City in the World

The addiction of travelling is instilled in my genes. My uncle was a globe-trotter and he left home at an early age of 21 to discover the wonderful world. He died two years ago but his stories are always an inspiration to me. One day I hope, I would be travelling like him, as free as a bird, no strings attached.

Foe the time being I’ve to reconcile myself with my dreams. Dreams to visit those places mere mention of which, portrays a vivid image in my mind. One such place is Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria and the second most populous city of the continent. As I’ve never been to the city, I want to see it from every angle. From the sophisticated financial hub of the Asia-Pacific zone, Melbourne City Centre to the vinous Yarra Valley. The inviting and exciting tour in a hot-air balloon drifting silently aloft the valley will be heavenly. A short visit to the chocoleterie and the ice-creamery and savouring the finest wine while enjoying the kaleidoscopic canvas of nature, make me drool.

An international centre for performing and visual arts, Melbourne is often regarded as the cultural capital of Australia. I want to have a glimpse of the Famous Australian Ballet ( and yes, as a lover of pop-music how can I miss the birthplace of Savage Garden). To know a city, we have to know about its past, have to delve deeper in its history. I would love to see the graceful old days of Melbourne while visiting the Melbourne Museum, the indigenous culture and social life, Victoria’s local Koorie culture in Bunjilaka, the artifacts made by them. I want to do a little shopping also here from the Museum Shops.

Who doesn’t like to have a glance at the Melbourne Zoo which is more than 150 years old and home to a variety of animals. My preferences would be visiting the enclosures of Kangaroos, Emus, Wombats, Koalas and Echidnas. Oh! and also I’ve heard that there is a greenhouse style walk-through exhibit for tropical butterflies. My heart leaps up imagining myself witnessing those animals in their natural habitat.

Then I want to quench my insatiable thirst for nature by visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is located at Birdwood Avenue ( the name suggests much). Majestic awe-inspiring trees, sprawling lawns and tranquil lakes along with more than 10,000 plant varieties from around the world has made it one of the most famous botanical gardens of the world. It’s also the home for Melbourne’s microbats. Also, a quick visit to the Philip Island Nature Park to watch the playful Penguins will complete my wild life itinerary. ( It sounds amazing)

The development of Melbourne as one of the world’s most livable city perhaps started in the year 1854, with the Victorian Gold Rush. People thronged in from different parts of the world and soon Melbourne became one of those places, whose vibrancy and vivacity in all fields are felt from every corner of the earth. There is no chance to miss the Gold Prospecting One Day Tour. I might find some ounces of gold while prospecting! Who can say !I don’t want to miss the interiors of the bank of such a wealthy city, so I would like to take the Golden Mile Heritage Walk  tour, to discover the labyrinths of the city with guided help.

A visit to the Abbotsford Convent is must for me to enjoy the best works of visual artists. After visiting so many places of interest a tired body needs some relaxation. A visit to a luxurious spa will make me as fit as a fiddle to start again the next day. A laid back tour with the Bendigo Tramways Vintage ‘Talking Tram” would be ideal. Stories from the past, history of people and the town…it would be a marvellous tour. Melbourne also has the world’s largest tram network.

The best things are kept for the last. So it’s time to visit Australia’s No. 1 University, The University of Melbourne. Established in 1853, this prestigious institution also ranks as No.34 in the world. State Library of Victoria is also in my list though I know full well that it’s almost impossible to  visit such expansive places while on a short tour. But how can I miss the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which witnessed the first official Test Match between England & Australia on 15th March 1877. It was where Shane Warne bagged his 700th wicket , it was where Sir Don Bradman played against the infamous ‘bodyline’ bowling. Not only for cricket, MCG is also famous for Australian football and hosted the Olympics in 1956. So, as I said, the best thing is kept for the last, at least for me, being an ardent sports lover.

Aren’t these enough reasons for a city to be adorned with the title “most livable city of the world“? An economic hub, an ever flourishing and prosperous economy, a rich heritage and culture, a centre of educational excellence, a myriad of flora and fauna, house of the holy MCG cricket ground, a city whose citizens showed enough courage during the World Wars, a city where old cultural activities thrive in perfect symbiosis with modern ones…..a city which has something for everyone, the city of Melbourne.

Still so many places are left unseen, so many activities are kept undone, the National Gallery, Shrine of Remembrance, the Unesco building and so much more. A mind-map of my tour to Melbourne has countless things to see. I want to feel the vibes of the city, want to feel it with my every sense. I will be there one day Melbourne, definitely I would be.

I’ve no photos of my own to share with this post for the time being. You can click the links to see the beautiful glimpses of the city. Visit the Tourism Victoria Website to feel the warmth of Melbourne. I’m also attaching a couple of “Come Alive in Melbourne” videos which I think you’ll enjoy.

The greatest  and most happening news is, for the first time I’m hosting a contest on my blog. Tell me which of  THESE PLACES would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

The best answer will win a gift-voucher worth INR 500 (provided this blog-post entry is considered valid by the authorities) The contest is open till 4th January 2015. So rush in and write to win the GV. Best of luck.

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I Stood Up and Confessed

Some incidents become so memorable that they are etched for ever in our minds. Not only that, sometimes those memories make us smile or darken our moods. One such incident that still produces a ”feel good” factor inside me is about my classmate Sunil.

Sunil was never my friend, he was just a classmate, just one among the whole lot. I was in good talking terms with him but we never shared teenage secrets or used to huddle together in the canteen. That was mostly because he was only a mediocre student and due to my academic accomplishments my placement was among the group of bright and meritorious ones. Knowingly or unknowingly, such a division, an invisible yet palpable one, was there in our class based on merits. Now I can understand how illogical and offensive it was but there’s no denial to the fact that it existed.

It was the day of our Maths Unit Test and I had confronted with a serpentine traffic jam as I was going to school in my cycle. It took almost half an hour to get life back to normalcy and when I entered the class it was already 5 minutes late. I was not feeling nervous as Maths was my forte but obviously was tensed. There was only a single seat in the room which was left unoccupied, a seat at the last row beside Sunil. I immediately occupied it and started working on my paper. Our teacher warned me that I would not be given any extra time so I better be fast.

Everything was going fine and I finished my Algebra and Arithmetic sections. I was solving the Geometry part when I got stuck with a theorem! It was a tricky one and after two failed attempts I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead. Time was running out quickly and I was nervous and worried as well. Suddenly my eyes fell on Sunil’s answer sheet. He was working on the same theorem and I couldn’t believe my eyes…..that he was actually solving it correctly! He was so engrossed with his paper that he didn’t even notice that the “good” boy sitting beside him was silently copying that particular problem from him. That was the last of my sums and I quickly submitted my paper and came out. A tinge of guilt was there because I never had done such things before in my life but I consoled myself saying that such kind of ”hall collection” was a common practice.

The result was to be announced after a few days. I was sure that this time too I’m going to score 100% as always. In the Maths class the teacher came in with a somber face. He announced that all the students had failed to solve that particular tricky theorem of Geometry but two, Sunil and me! The very announcement gave me a jolt and something inside me told that I was getting the credit for something I had not done. But to my chagrin, that was just tip of the iceberg. The teacher directly charged Sunil that he had copied that problem from me.

I noticed you and I clearly remember that on the exam day both of you sat side by side” Mr Lall’s voice thundered as he pointed his index finger towards me,”This boy is particularly very good in Maths and never scores any less than 100%, so we can safely conclude that it’s you Sunil who has copied that sum from his answer sheet”!!!

I looked at Sunil, he was looking at me too. He didn’t say anything but I saw a strange sadness in his eyes.

I had no idea what to do. But I could feel the guilt….that was no more a ‘tinge’ but the fangs of guilt were hurting me and my conscience! I couldn’t take it any more. I stood up and confessed. There was pin-drop silence in the class. Mr Lall remained silent for a few minutes and then said,”Though what you’ve done is a serious offence but still I would like to thank you for your brevity, that you’ve finally told the truth….and Sunil, I’m sorry for what I’ve said to you earlier…you’ve showed great talent this time, keep it up”.

From that day, we became friends. It took a lot of courage and strength for me to come up with the truth. But if I failed, I would never have been able to face myself, my soul. Such is the power of truth. It makes your conscience cleaner, your will stronger and your soul purer.

The latest advertisement of Kinley Mineral Water tell us the same…..the satisfaction of telling the truth. Watch the advertisement to feel kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein !


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My Teddy Travelogues, My Vacation


A vacation is always welcomed by all. It gives us that rejuvenation to wash out all the regular stress and tension of life. But for children, vacation means not only some days of recreation and laziness in the midst of nature or in a hotel, it means a new world to them. It means endless happiness, a whole new world of wonders….the delight of discovering new things among trivial ones.

Everyone of us had our childhood experiences and we all have passed through that wonderful phase of life. I remember one of my childhood vacations to Darjeeling very much. It was memorable because I was 10 years old at that time and my sister was only 4 years, we enjoyed together a lot. So much that the memories are etched in my mind forever. My dear sis had just started to discover the world around her as a kid and I, being a little older, already began to grasp the beauty of nature and other enjoyments that are related with a vacation ( Yes, it meant a lot to me in those days to get a short respite from my studies and exams).

It was the month of October and cold had already set in its sharp claws in Darjeeling. It was extremely chilly and mother made both of us looked like a bundle of woolens. It really became my greatest entertainment to make my sister throwing tantrums every time I took off her rabbit shaped cap. During our stay, we went to the Tiger Hill one morning to witness the wonderful sunrise. Dear sis was sleeping all the way, but as we reached the sunrise point (a large crowd was already there), she woke up suddenly. After a few minutes the sun rose with all its grandeur and awesomeness,  I still remember that big, round, orange ball peeping and rising up slowly, it was a spellbinding sight! All of a sudden sis said cheerfully,”I want that red ball, I’ll play with Bhaiya with it at the mall”. It made everybody laugh out there and she became very angry. But such is the innocence of little kids!

Every morning and evening we used to visit the famous mall of Darjeeling. It was much different those days from now. There were very few shops and the whole area provided an excellent view of the surrounding mountain ranges. There were millions of pigeons religiously paying visits to the tourists at a regular basis. My sister and me used to feed them every day, it was such a pleasure to watch those birds all around us. Sometimes they even sat on my shoulders too. Then there were monkeys whom sis thought to be as innocent as the pigeons. She offered them peanuts, one of them came and snatched the whole packet from her making her cry. I was really angry and chased it, it jumped up on a tree, made sounds like ‘hew-hup-humm’ and it seemed the monkey was laughing at me!! My parents and other tourists were laughing too but we were really very upset.

The foggy evenings looked so mysterious from the viewpoint of a child. I wondered from where such smoky clouds were coming up and never wanted to go outside alone after sundown. I’ve visited Darjeeling so far at least 6 times  as an adult, but the charm and enjoyment of that childhood vacation were never to be found. Experienced eyes and adult wisdom have found the tours memorable in several other ways but the innocence has long gone, never to return again.

Vacations are really a different experience altogether to kids. Thanks to Club Mahindra for their wonderful initiative. To know more about ‘Teddy Travelogues”, or vacation for kids, click here.

Image Courtesy : Club Mahindra

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Pre-marital Sex, My Point of View


Premarital sex is a profanity to most of us. It is even considered as blasphemous. Many times people say that it’s quite right to wait for sex until marriage. It’s a sign of wisdom and maturity and self-respect. I agree with that. But I oppose to the undertone that those who engage themselves in premarital sex are immature, unwise and don’t have self-respect. Everybody has his own opinion and choice about this and only for the reason that your choice and decision are in discordance with that of mine doesn’t make you inferior or superior.

Let us discuss some points to make my views clearer to you. The first and foremost question which rise in our minds about premarital sex is morality.


Is premarital sex moral or ethical? 

Morality though has an entwined relation with ethics, both are not exactly the same. People have strong age-old beliefs about right and wrong. Though these may vary from person to person or country to country but the basics are same. In this case it is actually the factor to choose between having premarital sex or not. Does it look inviting to you? These days many films and serials are delivering the message that there’s nothing wrong to it. Liberalization is in the air. My point is, if you find it in accordance to your inner voice or conscience, go for it. But don’t succumb to lust to obtain momentary pleasure from sex. Because that will make you unhappy and repentant at the end of the day. If you love your partner and want to express that love by physical intimacy from your deep heart’s core, if both of you are equally willing to establish that physical relation, there’s nothing wrong in it. After all, love is a divine feeling and sex between two persons very much in love is the most beautiful and natural thing.

Is premarital sex safe for everyone? physically and emotionally? 

This is another vital point and needs clarification. It goes without saying that whether premarital or marital, having sex is not safe for children. A legal age limit is there in our country (18 years) and that should be obeyed. In case of adults, having safe and protected sex is very much important. To make my point clearer, premarital sex is not synonymous to casual sex relation or one-night-stand. Those are not germane to my discussion because I find those relations without any string. They are not ultimate culmination of love but mere lust and desire.

Emotionally speaking, as I’ve already said, you should be clear to your morality and conscience. Enslaving yourself to your momentary desire can be disastrous and may result in guilt, embarrassment, tension and mental pressure. Sex has so much effect on our emotions and it is wise to ponder over your decision before making the final choice.

Premarital sex and Indian culture 

It is a general and widely accepted view that the concept of premarital sex is largely an effect of Western culture. But our epics and mythology have numerous examples of premarital sex. According to Hindu scriptures the five most revered women called Pancha Kanya or Mahasatis (Sati means righteous women) are Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara and Mondodari. But surprisingly enough, from a puritanical standpoint none of them can be considered as ‘good’ women and they do had premarital or extramarital sex relationship and multiple coital partners. Our ancestors were wise enough to understand the eternal relationship of love and sex. They never insist to give extra-priority on sex. It was a natural instinct for them, a part of life.

A Sanskrit ‘shloka‘ goes as follows:

Ahalya Draupadi Kunti Tara Mandodari tatha
panchakanya svaranityam mahapataka nashaka

Remembering the five greatest virgins 
Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara and Mandodari
Destroys the greatest sins.”

The wonderful erotic sculptures of the temples of Khajuraho and Konark also echo the same truths, that sex is eternal and natural when there is love. Whether it’s premarital or not was not the issue, at least in those days.

The ‘tantric’ cult is one step ahead on this. It explores the possibility of achieving God through sex, establishing the connection between sex and spirituality.

So, premarital sex is not an occidental thing.

Having all said and discussed I would like to sum up my views in this way, that, having premarital sex or not doesn’t make you a bad or good human being.  It’s more important that whether you’re in love with that person while having sex. Whether you’ve mutual trust and respect for the relationship. Respecting and loving your partner is the vital part of any healthy relationship and in any circumstances sexual relation should NOT be created against someone’s will. The difference between LOVE and LUST is subtle and we must learn to recognize TRUE LOVE. It’s important to  transcend truthfully from lust to love, to find one’s true love. I consider loveless sex, be it marital or premarital, monstrous and immoral.

Last but not the least, Poonaam Uppal and her journey from ‘Designer to Divine’ is an enthralling story and a passionate gospel of true love which she has wonderfully penned in her book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love. I’m thankful to her for giving us a chance to express our views on this controversial and debatable topic. Waiting eagerly to go through her book.


~Poonam Uppal~
~Poonam Uppal~


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I Won Over My Fear

Acting is my passion. No, I’m not an actor but that doesn’t refrain me to imitate well-known actors in front of the mirror and trust me, I sometimes even excel them in the art of acting. The only problem is no one ever has understood this ingenious quality of mine and I find it beyond my dignity to shout around announcing by excellence.
However, God is there to answer at least some of our prayers and finally he bestowed me an opportunity. The recreation wing of our office arranged to stage a play named “The Groom’s Plight” and I was selected to act in the role of the groom’s friend who had an important part to play in the comedy.

It was indeed a great feeling for me. I was overwhelmed and was working hard with the role. It was not as easy as a thing as I thought it to be. After the usual office-hours we used to gather for the rehearsal. Remembering the dialogues was a big deal, had to learn them by heart. Timing being a crucial factor in dramas, we had to remember our every move and even minor gestures.

The auspicious day was just a week away and we were working hard. An aura of excitement and thrill was hovering around and all the actors were busy with their respective roles. I was quite complacent with my preparation and the director himself was of the opinion that I was doing my job really good. The dress rehearsal went well too and we left early that day.

Next day I woke up with a strange feeling. I was happy that finally my dream to perform as an actor was going to be fulfilled in some hours. Still something was haunting me but I failed to fathom that. As I had no time to ponder over it, I took it as my whim and started my preparation for the day.

We were told to reach by 4.30 in the evening and as soon as I enter the make-up room I could feel that strangeness again. The make-up artist started to work on me and it took almost one hour to finish the make-up. The play started exactly at 7.00 pm. My first entry was at the middle of Act II, so I was watching the performance of my fellow actors with great enthusiasm from the backstage.

Then it occurred, again! that strange feeling, and this time I recognized it perfectly! It was actually FEAR! The fear to face so many spectators in the auditorium. The trepidation to act with the spotlights on. I felt myself inadequate ….I wanted to pull back. It seemed I had nothing in my head, it was vacant. I tried to remember my dialogues but not a single word came in my mind. Slowly but surely, I was succumbing to ‘performance anxiety’…the stage fright.

But then a voice spoke from within. “You must gather every bit of your strength to fulfill your dream, don’t make your fear a barrier in the path of your achievement….don’t be afraid of your fear”. It was the voice of my father whom I lost 2 years ago. I whispered to myself,” Yes, I can do it…I must to do it”.

When I entered the stage, I was trembling. But I overcame my fear and concentrated only on my role forgetting everything else. I was as if in a trance which broke with the sound of great applause from the audience. I did it! I faced my fear to win over it. I was totally exhausted but, at the same time, overjoyed.

It was a victory for me in the truest sense. Victory over fear. We all are human beings and to get afraid is a normal human trait. What matters is to rise above that fear to claim success. This advertisement of Mountain Dew tells us the same thing…rise above fear to claim victory. Have a look at Akhil Akkineni and his wonderful film with Mountain Dew. Be inspired to #RiseAboveFear.


To know more visit the Facebook page of Mountain Dew.

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The Curious Case of Chess and Stubble


Sometimes some decisions can become disastrous in our lives. An incident I experienced last year perhaps held the best example to it.

There are several indoor games in the recreation room of our office. We all spend some time there especially on Saturdays. That Saturday, as I entered the room, my friend Suresh called out loudly,”Oh, here you’re… come on mate, this new dude from the HR department claims that no one will be able to beat him in chess…so we all are waiting for you to accept the challenge”. I felt quite smug. Yes, I play chess quite well and had been the champion in my college. I looked squarely at the new boy who introduced himself as Akaash and asked.”Are you sure to accept the challenge?” He smiled and nodded. He then added, “but there is one condition…I will shave off my mustache if I lose and you’ll stop shaving for a month in case you are the loser”. Everybody, including me, laughed at his statement and I readily accepted the challenge.

It is said, that too much pride is the reason behind one’s fall. It is also said that never underestimate your opponent. I did both! …and after one hour when Akaash calmly said “checkmate”, I was stunned. My colleagues, who were cheering for me, they stood silent. But a challenge was a challenge. I congratulated Akaash and said that I’ll definitely keep myself away from shaving for one month. He was a nice person to say that it was just a joke and he was ready to take back his words. But, oh! my male ego! I refused his proposal.

For the first week it was actually not a problem. From the second week, I began to feel irritated with that messy stuff. It was so unhealthy and disturbing ! I almost stopped looking at myself in the mirror. And then…the most unexpected and  dangerous thing happened. My fiance Snigdha told me (she was almost mad with me seeing my unshaven face) that her Grandpa was coming to Mumbai and wanted to meet me!!

Now, I’m in a relationship with Snigdha for almost one year and both our families are happy with it. But according to their family tradition, her Grandpa would have to say the last word in this matter. It was really important that he must approve me as a ‘suitable boy’ for his grand-daughter. I assured Snigdha that I didn’t look that bad with my overgrown facial hairs and I couldn’t step down now from the chess-challenge. I also cursed myself and vouched in the name of Kasparov that I would never play chess in my lifetime!

On that auspicious day I dressed my best and prayed almost for 5 minutes. I prayed again before pressing the bell of their apartment. Snigdha’s mother opened the door and her expression clearly showed that she was shocked. But she didn’t say anything and ushered me inside. Snigdha’s sister giggled and said, “mere honewale jiju, ye kya haal bana rakkha hain? kuchh lete kyun nahi?“. Her mother reprimanded her and she went inside, still giggling. I was feeling really tensed.

After some time, Snigdha’s Grandpa entered the room. His clean-shaved face and taut complexion belied his age. After exchanging the usual niceties, he asked me about my job and my family and left the room. And then I heard his voice,”it seems the boy is too busy with his work and office, gets no time even for a decent shaving….how would he keep my dear Snigdha happy?…Moreover, he looks so clumsy and untidy”!!!!

Snigdha rushed out of the room and threw a glaring look at me. She was almost at the verge of crying.

I returned home and picked up my Gillette Mach3.

“To hell with the challenge and chess and everything ! I can’t afford to lose Snigdha even for my life”!

#WillYouShave? “Yes, I must”.

I visited Snigdha’s house again that evening.

Snigdha is now officially engaged with me.

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Safety Begins With Me, Let’s Make A Safer India

“ACCIDENT”, the very word induces a sense of trauma in our minds. The number of accidents in our country is increasing by leaps and bounds. The statistics for India are frightening. According to a recent one, more than 15 people die every hour in India in fatal road accidents. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that by 2030, road fatalities will become the world’s fifth greatest killer, and the scenario is worse here than other developing countries. Precisely, every 60 seconds an accident occurs in India and a heart stops beating every 3.7 minutes!

While other countries have acquired much advanced technologies to prevent road accidents, India is still writhing in pain with its age old traffic signalling system which most of the times, work at its own whims. Even China, the most populous country, has much lesser number of road fatalities. Driving on Indian roads is no less dangerous than securing your way through a mine-infested forest. The State Governments, PWD and Municipal Corporations deliver speeches and arrange meetings every year but all in vain. The actual condition is deteriorating day by day and road accidents are really becoming an ‘epidemic’.

But why? Why millions of lives are snuffing out in such a horrible manner? What are the reasons behind those catastrophes? 

The answers lie in our behaviours. Are we enough dutiful as citizens? Are we abide by the traffic rules while driving or walking? NO, we don’t. Just as the saying ”charity begins at home”, ‘safety’ should start with ME. If every driver obeys the traffic safety rules the scenario would change in no time. But the present pattern and set of rules are not enough to prevent road accidents. We need a wholesome system to meet the challenge. Here are some suggestions which, I think, will be helpful to combat this titanic problem.

Road-Safety Education

Most of the drivers in our country actually have no idea about road-safety. They manage to get licenses by hook or by crook and then begin their own adventures on roads. There should be mandatory courses for every aspiring driver where they will be enlightened about the proper use of seat-belts, helmets and other road etiquette. That overtaking or zooming off at a top-speed is not a sign of machismo but only are prelude to probable accidents.

In every school, a road-safety course should be conducted annually to make future drivers aware of their responsibilities from the very beginning. If possible, there should be road-shows or field-trips to emphasize and make things understandable to them.

Students who opt for NCC or Girls’ Guide can volunteer to help traffic department for a week or so. They have a different appeal to the public as students and people generally feel ashamed when reprimanded by juniors.

Role Of Media

Media, both television and newspaper, have neglected to use their enormous power to make people aware of road-safety. Celebrity endorsements, short movies/ documentaries/ cartoons on road safety should be there on prime-time so that largest number of people can watch them. The responsibility of the fourth estate doesn’t end on publishing or telecasting  numerous news of accidents. They should also come forward and take active parts to prevent them.

Laws, Rules & Regulations 

We’ve a set of traffic rules and laws and they need to be more effective. Use of mobile phones while driving is becoming the prime cause of accidents these days. On-the-spot fine should be charged if one is seen using mobile while driving or even crossing a road. Pedestrians should also be alert while crossing roads and those flapping of hands should be strictly stopped while crossing the road with the RED light on.

Car-stereos should have a definite decibel. Teenagers do have a tendency to increase the volume to the highest level which is beyond tolerance and makes one easily distracted while driving.

Driving license should be issued after thorough testing. In India, getting a driver’s license is not a troublesome job as it is in other countries. The tests should be more rigorous and corruption-free.

Many over-enthusiastic drivers have a tendency to break the rule of ‘keeping safe distance’ or are too lazy to blow the horn while there is a turn. Road sides CCTV cameras should be installed at least in big metro cities to prevent such callousness.

DRUNKEN DRIVING, this claims many a life every year. This is also a part of social awareness and I think some ‘models’ of some crumpled car debris ( due to accidents) at important points of cities, can have some effect. Visuals always have better effects than mere audios. The law against drunken driving needs to be the strictest, for in this case, no other but only the driver is solely responsible for the catastrophic consequence.

Role Of Government

While Government should amend some laws and announce road-safety as one of the most important national problems, officials who are related with the traffic department need to get rid of corruption. Bribing is such a common thing when it comes to on-the-spot fining. Often the drivers are well aware of the fact that they can save their backs easily even after disobeying traffic rules. It’s a pity that we’ve failed to make law-abiding citizens even after so many years of independence.

Condition of roads is also a major cause of unintentional accidents. Roads of small towns, big cities, even the National Highways are decorated with b-i-g craters and often the undulation gives the illusion of waves on land! Street lights don’t work at many places thus making the roads extremely dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians at night. The condition becomes worst in monsoon. Maintenance of roads should be taken as a serious issue by the authority.

Effective use of signboards, posts and signals can help a lot to prevent accidents. As a developing country, we can’t afford using any high-end technology to ensure road-safety. But we can always use road-posts, signboards at regular intervals clearly stating the condition of the road ahead or whether there is any steep turn. Those sign boards should be written clearly in bold letters and in three languages, English, Hindi and regional. This will be quite helpful to all.

But everything said, the real urge must come from within. It should come from everyone of us. We need to change our mind- set and attitude in order to make the situation better. Providing safer roads is a cumulative approach and we have to understand our responsibilities. Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF)  conducted by Nissan Motor trying to develop this road safety awareness among masses since 2012. Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF  is working hard to make people aware of traffic do’s and don’ts. “NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seat-belts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seat-belts.”


Let’s join hands together with NSDF  to make India a better place for pedestrians, drivers and motorists. Let’s make safety a habit. I’ve vowed to do my bit, to abide by the traffic rules while on road and encourage others to do so. I’ve realized that #SafetyBeginsWithMe. It’s time for all of us to vouch for the same. Let’s get united to build a safer India.

Image Courtesy : Nissan Safety Driving Forum

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