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In our childhood, we all have heroes. Hero-worship is something every child rears in his/her mind. In my case, my hero was the person who had a great impact on my life as a whole. As a child we, me and my sister, used to miss our father a lot. He had a job which demanded extensive travelling and, most of the times he was out of the town. We were always eager to hear from him but, those were the days when an ISD call was too expensive and, we had to be satisfied talking to him once or twice a month.

I was in fourth standard when uncle, my father’s younger brother and his wife, Manisha aunty shifted to Mumbai and came to share our household. Ours was a spacious house so, there was no problem with it. Moreover, as Dad was away most of the times, I was more than happy finding a father figure in him.

Unlike other guardians, uncle was very much amicable and soon our friendship became stronger. He encouraged me in other activities also other than studies. He firmly believed in the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, “All power is within you; you can do anything and everything.” He always used to say that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Physical exercises were of utmost importance to him.

Once there was an inter-school football match and, I was playing in the midfield position. On the semi-final, we defeated the opponent team but as an attacking midfielder, I faced a rough tackle. By the evening, my ankle swelled up like a balloon. I was crying helplessly as I knew my team would become weak without me and, the final was just a day away! Uncle immediately consulted the doctor. After the doctor was gone, he told me,”Look, beta whether you’ll be able to play the final, doesn’t only depend on the medication. It also depends on your will-power and determination and strength of mind. Believe in yourself and say, ‘I can do it’.”

His words made me strong. I told myself, I have to do it for my team. And I did play the final. The pain was there, but, uncle’s words helped me to ignore it for a greater good.

He was my friend, philosopher and guide, in the truest sense. He taught me the ways of life. He taught me how to take even the toughest of decisions with a clear mind. When I opted for commerce instead of science, everyone was disappointed in the family. Only uncle was by my side and again he said, “A person should study a subject according to his will. Education should not be an imposed thing. In that case, it loses its charm and becomes a burden.”

He actually held the light showing me the right path every time. He has made a me self-dependent and self-reliant person who can weigh his own decisions properly without getting biased. I’ve learnt the prudence of savings from him. We can face every mishap if  we are financially sound. A little wisdom and  systematic planning can make our life easier, we can combat the adverse forces when needed. A family prospers when there is enough financial support to fulfill every dream, to stand against every adversity. My Uncle taught me that, “Apno ko aapne dum pe jeena sikhao”….that was his motto.

Destiny sometimes plays with us. But we should have the courage and strength to stand against it. Only then, we can say #MyFamilyMyPride. At, they are sharing the same message. Think about the safety, security and dreams of your family and invest wisely. Let your family flourish, with systematic savings and insurance plan.

Watch this wonderful touching video. It’ll make you understand the wisdom of insurance.

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Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

Owning a car is everybody’s dream in our country. For some, it’s a passion. The joy and happiness of welcoming the first car in your family are something undescribable in words. My dad bought the first car (Maruti 800) when I was a student. It was quite comfortable for four of us and, we loved the car. But eventually it was replaced  by a Hyundai Santro. While upgrading from Maruti 800 to Santro, I strongly opinionated for another brand. But dad didn’t budge. As I’m in a service for a two years now, I’m dreaming to buy a car of my own. And for that where should I look other than One may ask, why Quikr? Well, let me elaborate.

QuikrNXT, we all know, is probably the biggest online platform for buying or selling anything; anything from a pin to an elephant. You have a plethora of choices in every segment but still it’s easy to find out the thing you want. The most user-friendly portal I’ve ever seen! Now what happens when I search for cars? They show me huge options. And just look at the number of total options in CARS, it’s 241569! Even the most fickle-minded guys are sure to find something buyable here.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 02.10.18
Now, buying a car means investing a lot of money and, one must be careful and do adequate research. While there is a brief description attached to every car on the site, still there are many issues need to get cleared like insurance, mileage, test drive etc. One may think that means a lot of phone calls or emails with every seller, but, QuikrNXT is designed for convenience. We can chat to clear our every doubt and, even share unlimited photos, that too, according to our own timings. We can later compare different cars from the specifications stored in the chat history. Yes, all your chat history will be stored and, you can easily compare between two or more cars using them. No other portal in India has this unique advantage.

You can refine your search according to your need, choice and, budget. There are all sorts of filters to pinpoint your need. There is also a section as you can see below, “No Fikar Inspected Cars”. This is adding a huge advantage on the side of the buyer as the listed cars are inspected by the site itself. So, I think now I’ve made my point clear about why QuikrNXT is my first choice while buying cars.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 04.59.39
My earnest wish is to buy a Honda City and, the thing that made me super happy is, I can even refine my search with colors! As you can easily see in the screenshot provided that even the search can be further made narrower by choosing the desired area. Buying a car was never so convenient. I must admit.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 05.16.07
I wish to buy soon my first car from QuikrNXT and, my readers can expect another elaborate review of my experience and, my car. I can safely conclude that QuikrNXT is the site which will never make you feel disappointed. Go and try it, you’ll feel the difference.

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My Valentine, My Phone

I’m a gadget freak. That doesn’t actually imply that, I lay my hand on anything and everything which enters the market for the first time. I neither have the budget for that nor I want to. But I don’t mind investing a decent sum for a device that instantly makes me a proud owner and, the center of attraction among friends.

Nowadays, different companies are coming up every alternative day, with gadgets having exciting specifications and features. So, the mobile which made you pay a hefty amount just a month ago, might look  duller and older to your friend’s newly bought phone. And, automatically, you start your research to get something more chic and fashionable.

But, as they say, ‘miracle still happens’, and, so I discovered something  one-month back which just bowled me over in every sense! No. I’m not talking about any beautiful demure, but a PHONE. Yes, the ASUS  Zenfone range is an innovative initiative on the part of the company and, with my first look at the Zenfone 6, I fell in love with it!

My Zenfone 6, bought about 1 month back
My Zenfone 6, bought about 1 month back

In love with a phone? Believe me my readers, it IS possible. So much, so that you feel happy to make it your Valentine. No, please, don’t laugh…sometimes, a lovely, smart, sleek, modern, phone can make you immersed in love with it. You can ask, why and how? Okay, you’ve every right to know and I would love to explain the specialties of my Valentine. Because, the more, I explore ‘her’, the more I feel elated.

Firstly, with a 6-inch 1280x 720 pixel IPS screen, my Zenfone 6 once again proves that, size does matter. It is absolutely a heavenly experience to watch movies and play games on the big screen.  The Capacitive Touch Screen has powerful Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 which is as smooth as silk. In spite of the large screen, it’s sleek and compact and easy to hold. It really feels nice when you touch the phone. (Good enough reason to choose it as my Valentine). 😀

Secondly, Zenfone 6 has a battery life which  lasts at least 8 hours even if I watch movies, listen to songs or do official works. Multitasking was never so easy and seamless. Who wouldn’t love to have a Valentine with an all-in-one personality? Everybody, for sure.

Thirdly, 16GB of storage which is expandable up to 64 GB. I can store all my favorite movies, games and songs. For me, it’s difficult to breathe without music. My phone has music from all the genres. The Blues, country, jazz, hip-hop, classical, African heavy metal to light Bollywood numbers. Sipping a cup of coffee while my Valentine….errrr…my phone is playing Leonard Cohen….ah… a bliss.

Fourthly, The unique ZenUI technology actually has made mobile experience easier and simpler on one hand and providing a much better technology on the other. No complication in life as your Zenfone can ‘think’ and personalize your preferences and choices. Life is wonderful with such a companion!

Fifthly, with the PixelMaster camera, my phone can capture professional-quality photos. Zenfone 6 has a high-end 13MP camera with a plethora of modes and features. It enables me to explore the world outside with its lens. There is a Selfie mode too so that I can pamper my narcissistic attitude at times. 😛

Moreover, with Intel Atom 2520 Processor, it works wonderfully. Among the other accessories, the ZenCase is there, with which you can change the back color according to your changing moods and occasions.

So, now you can well understand why I preferred to have my Zenfone 6 as my Valentine. With this phone, you have no need to look further. You would surely fall in love with it and I can assure you that it would be an #UnconditionalLove!

Watch this video which justifies my statement and enjoy!

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