Indie Love Blog Hop : The Bombay Bhel by Ken Doyle

This is a review about a book which I enjoyed very much.

Scattered Thoughts

wpid-Bombay_Bhel_FrontCoverThe Bombay Bhel  by KenDoyle is one of those books which the readers would like to savour . As the name suggests , the book is a smooth blend of short fictions containing myriad flavours. “Bhel” or ‘Bhelpuri’ is a street-food which is almost unanimous with the city of Bombay or Mumbai , and Ken has delineated his stories in the most realistic manner with Bombay as the backdrop. The stories feature the Goan culture as well as the Angolo-Indian communities and even the tales of a street-vendor or a schoolboy have been portrayed in a manner that the reader can feel the throbbing of the city .

Bombay is a cosmopolitan city where people from different parts of India flock together to make a livelihood. Ken Doyle has caught the essence of the city as it was in the late twentieth century , the interlinked stories represents…

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