Mom,Biriyani ,Borosil

The smell of the Basmati rice was hovering around the dining hall . I sniffed  hard to get the taste inside through my nostrils . Taste  has a lot to do with smell and as I sniffed again  a whiff of cardamom, cinnamon and other exotic spices tingled my taste-buds to inform me that it was not just the rice ….. something else , something more delighting was there .

It was Sunday and my mom herself was in the kitchen , accompanied by her helping hand , Madhu . We , me and my sister , were expecting  and waiting for a gourmet’s delight and as usual mom didn’t reveal what was she cooking . It was always a pleasant surprise for us …on a weekly basis.

The tension was increasing and the smell was becoming breathtakingly savoury . Nita , my sister , mused with half-closed eyes , ” chunks of chicken , with a variety of spice marinades , so well cooked that they melt in the mouth like hard dollops of butter ..ummmm “

I winked , ” do you think it’s that special  dish of mom ?
“Sure  , I can bet for it ..I can tell it from miles away by its flavor

So we sat there , licking our lips…drooling literally .
And then it arrived , served in Bloom – Fidenza melamine Borosil serving bowl . The simplicity and elegance of the servingware enhanced the aroma and the  beauty of the content.

It was our most coveted dish… Mughlai style Chicken Biriyani by mom ! You won’t be able to feel the heavenly taste unless you give it a try. The captivating aroma along with those  soft  chicken  chunks , smitten in spices , those small pieces of almonds and the royal smell of saffron … it was a gastronomical  grandeur .

We were discovering the delight…layer by layer , rice and chicken and then fried onions and almonds …and there came chicken again along with rice !!   Cooked carefully under ‘dum’  which helped to retain the exact flavor of the spices in a slow but sure process. What more could a person want to feel blissful ? Okay okay… It was a pure bliss for stomach but as they say that the road to heart goes via stomach .

As we were savoring that heavenly Biriyani , along came another delight , in a smaller Borosil serving bowl. As I opened the lid , it was my favorite pineapple raita , the  vision of pineapple chunks in the creamy yogurt , garnished with chopped coriander leaves ….food frenzy ..yes ,that was what I felt .

We ate as if apocalypse was approaching and we won’t get a second chance .  Mom was more than happy seeing our delightful faces and happy stomachs.

She smiled and said , ” Good food makes a happy and healthy family and you should also learn the right way to garnish and serve food. As a person’s appearance depends much on the way he/ she dresses , similarly , the appeal of a well-cooked dish depends on the way it is served ” ..she smiled and looked admiringly at the Borosil melamine dinner set .

They were blooming too , a perfect combination .

I Know nothing about my mom’s secret recipes but
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