Airtel 4G Is Here

A fast internet. The thing I need most. Everyone who has the experience of a slow connection can understand the ordeal enough. A killing frustration is induced by a lacklustre internet connection. people living abroad have a much faster 4G connection and it often feels so awkward during video calling. “Can you hear me?” is the most used phrase! We can boast of so many things in our country, but when it comes to a superfast internet connection, we are way too behind others. With a 4G connection, such worries can come to an end.

Now, do you think this is the only reason? No. dude, there are dozens more. These days we can find apps for everything. For a seamless performance of those apps, one needs a good connection. But, look at my 3G speed…at times it acts even slower than a snail. Movie downloading? A whole night is gone. It’s annoying enough and takes a toll on your mind.

Airtel has brought many innovative features earlier and I have my faith on them. And, this time also they have amazed me with the introduction of the Airtel 4G connection, the first to be in the country! For the time being, they are rolling over the service across 296 cities nationwide. It’s a great achievement and I think India truly deserves to have a superfast 4G connection.

There was a time when you need not worry about the internet or such related things. Because life was much simpler. With the advent of time and technology, now we are fully dependent on the internet service. We pay our bills, we get connected to friends and relatives, we get our daily dose of entertainment- all with the help of internet. For me, it’s also more important as I live away from my family. I do video calls and skype to keep myself updated with my family on a daily basis.  It feels egregious when due to a faltering connection I fail to connect with my parents or sister. And, Oh! needless to say, I have a girlfriend and we love to see each other over skype.

Airtel 4G is the solution to all my problems. With their incredibly fast connectivity, now I would be able to continue my conversation without any disturbance. I can download movies/games/music much faster.( The speed is just awesome with 4G).

The good news from Airtel doesn’t end here. The 4G connection is now available at 3G prices. That is if you are already using an Airtel 3G connection, the SIM upgrade to 4G comes free!! They also make sure that the SIM is delivered at your doorstep without any charge.

What more can a subscriber ask for? Just tweet  #GetAirtel4G and within seconds they will reply. Follow the link, fill up the form and you are done. Simple, easy and fast!
It’s time to change, it’s time to go for a 4G, so don’t waste time ji, just grab the awesome Airtel 4G.

To know more, visit the Airtel and watch the video.