It is a known fact that chemicals are harmful to human body. An overdose of certain chemicals can cause severe problems. We generally choose our food products wisely reading the labels carefully to check for the ingredients used. But are we aware of the fact that chemicals are equally harmful when we come in contact of them externally? That is when we use beauty products to enhance our skin texture or complexion, our skin comes in direct contact with the product. Now, most of the cosmetic products contain certain chemicals that can be harmful to our skin and can damage it in the future. It is important to keep our tender skin away from the harmful effects of chemicals in order to keep them healthy.

Of course, It is important for our womenfolk to use beauty products. ( I’m not saying that we, menfolk, do not use such products but certainly the percentage is much lower). Still, there are some common problems faced by all of us irrespective of the gender. The problems of tanning, oily skin, pimples and blackheads to name a few.

I remember my teenage days when I had to face the oily skin and pimple problems. Tanning also accompanied it as I used to play a lot of outdoor games. My mom sometimes forced me to apply  some home-made facial packs. Actually she wanted to make her son look handsome. 😀

One of the packs was Neem pack. She used to make a paste of Neem leaves and mix a teaspoon of honey with it. Then after much ado she could be able to apply it on my face. We all know that Neem leaves are good for skin, it works as an antiseptic and, cleans the skin making it free from excess oil. Many of the natural beauty products nowadays are made from Neem.

Another one my mom used to make for herself was haldi (turmeric) facial pack. Turmeric is called the ‘spice-king’ as it has amazing power to reduce inflammation, itching, and other minor skin problems. It is also a good antioxidant and increases the immunity of the body when consumed internally. My mother used to mix turmeric and milk to make a smooth paste. She said that it is even useful to remove tan and enhance the texture and complexion of the skin.

There are now millions of beauty products in the market which keep on promising to make each and every one a beauty queen or king.  But we often  fail to choose the right product for us. VICCO Turmeric Cream is a product that is living by its name for many decades. It’s Ayurvedic formulation along with turmeric have made it a unique one. It’s safe for every skin type and, as a natural product, prevents and cures various skin problems likes pimples, blackheads, rashes and allergies providing you the confidence to #ComeCloser. The traditional remedy of Ayurveda comes alive with VICCO Turmeric Cream. 

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