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Airtel is one of those providers in India which has earned much reputation for their uninterrupted service since the days mobile phones are surging the Indian markets. When I first started using mobile phones ( my first set being a Nokia), I opted for another provider as per the advice of one of my friends. But, soon, within six months, had to change my mind and, I switched to Airtel. Till now, I’m enjoying their service and seldom I’ve gotten any chance to complain.

Airtel is now one step ahead to introduce their new Airtel App and, I think this new App will surely be able to satisfy the need of the customers. Let’s discuss a few salient features which absolutely fit my requirements and lifestyle.

♥ The first one being recharging the DTH. Someone may think why I’m considering it as one of the prime features, but in my case, it’s of utmost importance. My mom watches TV on a regular basis, some of the serials are a ‘must watch’ for her. It happened a few times that I forgot to recharge the DTH timely and she had missed an episode or two. The result is a tremendous commotion in my home! With this App, I can do it from anywhere and everywhere, peace shall befall my mom. Finally.

♥ Along with the recharge, comes the next feature, Airtel Surprises. This is quite a fun feature as well as a useful one. In this feature, you will get a surprise offer with every recharge. These surprise offers include discounts on various popular shopping sites, deals or attractive offers on food joints, cafes, and multiplexes. This means you are saving with every recharge. As we often visit or shop from these places, the discounts offered will be of real help. This is really an amazing feature.

♥ The last but not the least feature is the Shake to get Offers. With a single shake to  your phone, you will get all the available updates of great offers. Receiving updates and choosing from a range of offers never was so easy. I didn’t get much time to have some research on the currently available offers and, mostly stick to the one that I’m using for months. Going to the shop and asking the dealer about the newer ones seems to be a real tough job. Also, they often misguide the customers. With this Shake feature, I will be able to get updates regularly.

There are also other features which definitely are helpful in one way or the other. Like integrating all the other Airtel numbers of friends and family, tracking the service requests etc. But to me the three I mentioned above will be of real help.

My Airtel App is undoubtedly a big step towards customer satisfaction as it is a simple way to cater all your needs through a single handset.

To explore the wonderful app and to download it, please visit

Image Courtesy: Airtel

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