Ode to Mom, #MyFirstExpert

Mom was my first teacher, ABC and all
She was there to hold me when there was a fall.

Those days at school, a brawl with a friend
I came back crying; how should I mend?
Mom  put forth her helping hands all for me
Cared about my sadness, an expert was she.
The next day, my snack box was full with apple pie
Wonders of her cooking renewed our friendship. Oh! My!
She was my mentor, in every little thing
Her tutelage made the sparkles bling.

Another day, exam was knocking at my door
Tensed and nervous, I slept on the floor.
Evidently I woke up, with a blanket on me
Sleeping by my side on the floor, none other than she.
Waking up, she consoled me and helped to learn
She read aloud every piece for me to discern.
Wrote the answers down to make them easier for me
“Yes Mom, now it’s clear”, I exclaimed in glee!

Drawing the frog for the biology paper, was a difficult job
Peace of mind, calmness of heart- nothing was left to rob.
She came and showed me an easier way with few strokes
A couple of tries and I said, “mom I’ve done it, look how it croaks”.
She was my mentor, a friend, and a guide
She taught me to take the world in my stride.
#MyFirstExpert in all spheres of life
A doting mom to me; to papa, a loving wife.

Yet again, another day as I was playing in the lawn
The cricket ball hit a window, the glass, shattered and gone.
The elderly uncle came out and broke loose all hell
“You’ve to pay for it. I’ll tell your father as well”. 
Ashamed and threatened, I returned home with blows
“Father would have killed me if he knows”.
She watched me and knew something was not right
After dinner, she requested me to come up with my plight.

 I sobbed and told her the incident of the cricket ball
“You should be more careful next time”, she said and that’s all.
She went and sorted out the matter, everything was fine
She catered my needs, everywhere, always on time.
She often scolded me for the wrongs I made
She taught me to look at life, with a brighter shade
My mom, who always knew better than me
Whatever it was, an expert was she.

She knew my every fear, every wish, and dream
My mom and me, the world’s greatest team.
She preached what she practiced, a lesson was her life
I knew from her, in adversity, the cake became the friend of knife!
Even today, in time of trouble, physical and mental
I find peace and love, just hugging her shawl.
Mom has made me, what I’m today
The debt of gratitude, no son will ever be able to pay.

This post is written for the My First expert contest in association with Indiblogger and Godrej Experts

Like all the moms, Godrej Experts also know the best about hair colors. 

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