#TATASkyTransfer: New Horizon in Entertainment


There was a time when watching television meant a big rectangular box placed on a table in the living room of the house where black and white pictures moved. Only two/three channels were available; Doordarshan being the most watched. I remember there used to be sitar or violin recital on the demise of a respected politician or eminent person for a day or even two! Yes, I remember those sad, long, monotonous tune that often made my mom mad.

Well, that didn’t mean normally Doordarshan and DD2 used to telecast interesting programs, rather, I found most of them quite boring as a child except a few like Junoon, Kabhi Yeh Kabhi Woh, or Superhit Muqabla. TRP was an unknown word at that time and, nobody actually cared about the likes and dislikes of the viewers.

Indian television has traveled a long  way since then. Now we have numerous channels, assigning for kids, young people, elderly and devotional section, men, and women. The television sets have changed their appearance as well, now they are sleek, can be mounted on walls and, display HD quality pictures. They’ve even become smarter and can be used as computers as well. Indeed, their intelligence can outsmart human beings at times. But still, they are called “idiot-box”! I find this as a sheer exaggeration.

It is true that television has confined people in their houses. They now can witness the whole world in it. The hot and  happening events, the latest in the news, the most scintillating entertainment, the thrilling reality shows, all are now merely at the pressing of the remote. If television can bring the world at your home, the urge to venture out diminishes very naturally.

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But, I think it happens otherwise. I’m a great fan of the History channel; The Men Who Built America, Cities of the Underworld, Ancient Aliens- I don’t want to miss these programs at any cost. Whenever I watch these programs, I feel an urge to visit the places shown here. I feel that all-encompassing inquisitiveness that drives me crazy to know more about the events, the places. So, a few months ago, as I visited the US for an official trip and, visited the NYC museum, it was like reliving the history.
It was that time when I felt a strange thing; what if I could watch those episodes right there while visiting the museum? Oh! How much fun it would be to have those episodes right in my mobile. I was really thrilled at the idea. The very essence of history would have made it all the more different experience of watching television. Not in the confinement of four walls, but right in those places where it might have happened thousands of years ago.

And, like a dream come true, the Tata Sky is here now with the Transfer! The new way of making the virtual world a part of the reality. Tata Sky is offering its users the innovative option of moving the recorded content wherever they want; a tablet or a smartphone. The transfer takes only a few minutes, be it a full movie or any episode of one hour or so provided the required device is connected to the Tata sky set-top box that comes with a Wi-Fi dongle. You can watch the transferred programs at your convenient time and place. I think it would be much more enjoyable to watch the History Channel program, Dynamo: Magician Impossible with my friends during the lunch break at the office. It is an amazing program and almost all my colleagues are great fans of Dynamo!
Tata Sky Transfer, Media, Entertainment, TV, Mobile, App, Internet, Recorder, Tata, Tata SkyNow, don’t think I’m just a history buff and don’t watch anything else. I very much enjoy reality shows like Big Boss and Roadies. And, please people, don’t laugh that I still enjoy watching Tom & Jerry Show at Cartoon Network. It works as a big stress buster for me. If I can carry the show to have an occasional clandestine look at the jumping of Tom and scurrying of Jerry in the midst of the busy schedule at the office, nothing would be better.

Record-TransferCarry-Stream: End of Family Feud

The set-top box lets the user transfer anything, as I’ve already mentioned. The mobile app, on the other hand, acts wonderfully as an icon-based remote. The app has also the feature of one-tap record option for all the shows.

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So, now I think mom will be happy watching her daily soaps on the Colours Channel and we don’t have a delayed dinner for her watching serials like Ashoka, Sasural Simar Ka and Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Now the programs can be recorded and she can watch them while having dinner.  Tata Sky + Transfer will also bring an end to the fight my parents have almost every day as Papa wants to watch the News channel (always) and Mom..well…the Colours.

Tata Sky Transfer is sure to change the definition of entertainment in India. TV is no more for couch potatoes, now it can be carried everywhere. (Tata) Sky is the limit for entertainment. I’m a Tata Sky(HD) user for more than a year and, I’m sure to upgrade it now with Taka Sky Transfer. Let’s embrace the new technology, the conduit between television and mobility. Let’s say ‘hello’ to Tata Sky+Transfer and transform the face of entertainment. 

Tata Sky Transfer, Media, Entertainment, TV, Mobile, App, Internet, Recorder, Tata, Tata Sky
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Other pictures other than that of the museum are taken from TataSky Website. This post is an entry for Indiblogger-Tata Sky+Transfer Contest.