Kapil Dev, the first superhero of Indian Cricket, showed our cricketing prowess to the world by winning the Prudential Cup in 1983. Indian cricket came into the limelight during his captaincy. I was not even born at that time, but I can well imagine the ecstasy of my countrymen on this victory. Such a person, a living legend, when joins twitter to make people aware of  a specific league which he is promoting, then the expectation and guesses for his Ek Nayi League surely soar high up in the sky.

Now, what this  Ek Nayi League is all about? There are millions of wild guesses! Let me substantiate my views as I can understand by watching the videos of Kapil Dev.

• The thing that Kapilji is saying again and again is, “if you play this league with your heart, you’re going to lose it”. Repeated stress on this point makes me feel that it has something to do with brains. His body language is also an indicator as he is pointing to his head. That means this ‘league’ needs brainpower and one should not play it by instinct or ‘dil se’.

What could be the possible things that need brain and intellect to play with? The first thing that comes to my mind is a Quiz Show or Reality Show that involves the use of knowledge. Probably he is coming up with a show like KBC.

The second line of thought that hits me is, it could be about some investment or insurance policy. Because he is saying about the retirement and, big amount of money. (He mentioned Yuvraj Singh’s contract of 16 lakhs) In case it’s something like that, it surely needs intellect to invest rather than the heart. So, it’s fulfilling this criterion, too.

• There could be totally another thing about this Ek Nayi League.  As Kapil Dev is addressing different sportsperson and, expressing his views about their achievements, it might be possible that it could be a reality-show involving sportspersons from the different arena of sports. Kapilji has mentioned, Sania Mirza expressing his views about her achievements in tennis. So, there is also a possibility that there would be some special role for women to play in the mentioned league. Maybe, these celebrity athletes are going to host the show or participate in it.

But one thing is certain to me, that, whatever it is, there is an involvement of a handsome amount of money. In one of the videos, Kapilji has clearly stated his happiness as Indian cricketers are now incoming in millions.

According to me, investment, retirement, brainpower, and money- are the four pillars of this upcoming #EkNayiLeague, with Kapil Dev playing a key role into it.

We have seen him leading the country, we have seen him as a model for reputed brands, now let’s wait and watch what he has in store for us with his #EkNayiLeague.

Whatever it is, I wish him great success.