I Won Over My Fear

Acting is my passion. No, I’m not an actor but that doesn’t refrain me to imitate well-known actors in front of the mirror and trust me, I sometimes even excel them in the art of acting. The only problem is no one ever has understood this ingenious quality of mine and I find it beyond my dignity to shout around announcing by excellence.
However, God is there to answer at least some of our prayers and finally he bestowed me an opportunity. The recreation wing of our office arranged to stage a play named “The Groom’s Plight” and I was selected to act in the role of the groom’s friend who had an important part to play in the comedy.

It was indeed a great feeling for me. I was overwhelmed and was working hard with the role. It was not as easy as a thing as I thought it to be. After the usual office-hours we used to gather for the rehearsal. Remembering the dialogues was a big deal, had to learn them by heart. Timing being a crucial factor in dramas, we had to remember our every move and even minor gestures.

The auspicious day was just a week away and we were working hard. An aura of excitement and thrill was hovering around and all the actors were busy with their respective roles. I was quite complacent with my preparation and the director himself was of the opinion that I was doing my job really good. The dress rehearsal went well too and we left early that day.

Next day I woke up with a strange feeling. I was happy that finally my dream to perform as an actor was going to be fulfilled in some hours. Still something was haunting me but I failed to fathom that. As I had no time to ponder over it, I took it as my whim and started my preparation for the day.

We were told to reach by 4.30 in the evening and as soon as I enter the make-up room I could feel that strangeness again. The make-up artist started to work on me and it took almost one hour to finish the make-up. The play started exactly at 7.00 pm. My first entry was at the middle of Act II, so I was watching the performance of my fellow actors with great enthusiasm from the backstage.

Then it occurred, again! that strange feeling, and this time I recognized it perfectly! It was actually FEAR! The fear to face so many spectators in the auditorium. The trepidation to act with the spotlights on. I felt myself inadequate ….I wanted to pull back. It seemed I had nothing in my head, it was vacant. I tried to remember my dialogues but not a single word came in my mind. Slowly but surely, I was succumbing to ‘performance anxiety’…the stage fright.

But then a voice spoke from within. “You must gather every bit of your strength to fulfill your dream, don’t make your fear a barrier in the path of your achievement….don’t be afraid of your fear”. It was the voice of my father whom I lost 2 years ago. I whispered to myself,” Yes, I can do it…I must to do it”.

When I entered the stage, I was trembling. But I overcame my fear and concentrated only on my role forgetting everything else. I was as if in a trance which broke with the sound of great applause from the audience. I did it! I faced my fear to win over it. I was totally exhausted but, at the same time, overjoyed.

It was a victory for me in the truest sense. Victory over fear. We all are human beings and to get afraid is a normal human trait. What matters is to rise above that fear to claim success. This advertisement of Mountain Dew tells us the same thing…rise above fear to claim victory. Have a look at Akhil Akkineni and his wonderful film with Mountain Dew. Be inspired to #RiseAboveFear.


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