The Peppy Adventure of Fantastico Four

Disha was looking anxiously to the window. She was waiting for her friend Manisha. Actually, she was waiting for the whole gang, headed by Manisha. She is the most energetic, loveable and peppy of all her friends. She has numerous crazy ideas that make the vacations an adventurous one for all of them. Their gang has four members, Manisha, Kamla, Shaheen and she herself, Disha. They call themselves Fantastico Four! They all live in a little village in Ratnagiri.

Their village is a quaint place with beautiful greenery all around. The scenic beauty is a treat to the eyes. They all love their village, the small school where they read and the mangoes which grow here in abundance.

Mangoes are their favorite. All the four friends love to savor the delicious mangoes. They love it in any form, be it juice, chutney, pickle or just cut into slices. They even salivate on raw mangoes made delectable with salt and pepper.

It is summer vacation now and all the four friends are enjoying the holidays. With all the homework done, even the parents have no reason to grudge about their wandering through the village. But, they are wandering for the past few days with a mission.

The best mangos in the village are grown in Ahmad chacha’s orchard. He exports the mangoes and has strict security in the orchard. Nobody is allowed inside the orchard at this time of the year. Ahmad chacha is well aware of the mischievous nature of the Fantastico Four, who are always on a spree to steal those sweet, juicy mangoes. Ironically, in spite of heavy security, they have always succeeded! This time, Ahmad chacha has tightened the security even more warning the guards not to allow anyone inside.

Yesterday, Manisha said she has a plan to get hold of the mangoes and that she would be telling them about it on the next afternoon. Disha was now waiting for her friends, she was anxious to know about the plan.

A few minutes later, Manisha, Kamla, and Shaheen arrived. Excitedly, Manisha briefed the plan to all of them. Kamla didn’t look happy with the success percentage of the plan, but Manisha cheered her up. She always did that, that’s her nature, spreading energy and happiness in her unique peppy manner.

Just before sundown, the Fantastico Four gang reached the backside of the orchard. They could see the guards roaming even at the back gates. Shaheen approached one of the guards and innocently asked him the time.
– Abhi to saat baj rahe hai, beta, you must go home, aise mat ghumna
– okay, uncle, thank you!

Saying this, she returned. The guard didn’t notice that she threw something in the nearby bush while returning. He was too busy keeping an eye over the gate.

After a few minutes, he heard a baby crying from somewhere nearby. Puzzled, he looked for the source, but couldn’t find any. The cry was so helpless and eerie that he called the other guards watching over the front gates. As soon as they arrived, it stopped. The other two guards mocked him that he must have some sort of hallucination. But as they were about to return, the crying was heard again! Startled, all the three guards were now looking for the baby!

At the front gate, Manisha and Disha just crossed the wall and were busy plucking the mangoes with a long stick. They knew they had not much time. Within five minutes, with practiced skill, they gathered almost 20/25 mangoes.

-Enough, said Disha and within minutes they were again on the road, carrying the mangoes!

Getting the signal from her friends, Shaheen again was on her way to the back side of the orchard. This time, she acted as if she was running and panting.
– Uncle, have you seen my mobile? I must have slipped it while I was talking to you. Can you please dial the number? She said to the guard.

– As the guard dialled the number she said, the same baby-cry was heard. Shaheen picked up the mobile from the bush and smiled,”Shukriya, Uncle”!

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Acquire Your Peppy Skills

A peppy, high-spirited attitude often helps to achieve things with a bit ease. The torpid indolence stands as a hindrance, but a peppy person always finds a way to make the most of the situation. Here are some useful tips to make your character a positive and peppy one.

What do we mean by a peppy personality?

A peppy person is one who loves to smile, who can dilute a somber atmosphere with his happy-go-lucky attitude and a decent sense of humor.

How to develop such a character? 

# Try to wear a positive attitude. Remember, there is always a silver lining in the cloud. Even at hard times, your positivity will help you shine brightly and make the burden lighter.

# Optimism helps to advance in adversity. Try to think the glass as half-full, not as half-empty. Optimism is a kind of skill and needs practice. Optimism doesn’t mean you are building castles in the air. It means finding out the opportunity and, making the most of any situation.

# Smiling increases the face value. Researchers have proved that hearty laughs and frequent smiles release endorphins from the pituitary gland thereby making happiness a state of mind. Your smile can brighten up other faces too. Whenever there is an opportunity, try to say cheese.

# Try to live in your own way. A difficult thing this is, but you just need to be honest with yourself. Whenever you find some ‘me time’, spend as you like it. This could be as simple as singing at the top of your voice while taking a shower, gobbling up a double-scoop ice-cream or going out with close friends for a picnic. You don’t have to wait for an occasion, just grab the moment and splash it with fun and happiness.

# Listen to others. Try to understand their problems and help them to find out solutions. Compassion is the keyword. Value the friendship and relationship you share with others. Honour their opinions, but be honest to speak of your own at the same time.

# Don’t be egoistic. Ego kills opportunities and chances and creates nothing but craters among two persons.

# Be nice to everyone around you. Small gestures like helping someone to get a cab or cross the road can make you feel happy from within. A good work always pays, if not instantly, but definitely in the long run.

# Never hesitate to say sorry. Saying sorry in no way makes you an inferior person. It needs the courage to accept one’s mistakes. It reveals to the world your good intention and, right approach towards life.

# Actions speak louder than words. Try to make  the world a better place with your positive attitude.

Of course, things are easier said than done. A true peppy personality has positivity, enthusiasm and energy that make him a better person as a whole. His confidence helps him to bring smiles on the face of others. Peppiness, to some extent, is an acquired quality and, one can try to develop the traits even if they are not born with them.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.