Starting A New Life

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It is very rightly said that, change is the only thing constant in life. We change with time; changes are sometimes good for us and, sometimes we change ourselves as an inevitable part of life. Whatever it is, change is very much synonymous with life and growth. It denotes that we are growing, moulding ourselves for the betterment.

Some changes play significant roles in our life. They teach us the way of life, they make us understand the true meaning of moving ahead. In my life, such a change occurred when I decided to join the corporate world. One may think it to be a common thing but in my case, it was a bit different. My father, being a high-ranking Government official, always wanted me to join the civil service. He was an unyielding person and from my very childhood the concept was ingrained in me, that, I must join civil service.

I was preparing accordingly. Taking tuitions from best coaching centres, extensive studies and, working hard to crack the civil service exams. One day, just  out of curiosity, I accompanied a friend who was going to appear for an interview at a reputed multi-national. I was not at all serious about the interview but when I faced the panel of interviewers, I delivered my best. After a few days, I received the call letter. I was overwhelmed with the success and wanted to join the job wholeheartedly. I was exhausted with the hard work that involved the preparation of civil service exams and, I thought it to be quite an uncertain thing. There was no guarantee that I’ll get a job of my preference even after cracking the exam. Moreover, I was not getting the consent of my mind to persuade for the exam as I was feeling more interested towards the corporate world.

It was a gargantuan job to make Dad understand my feelings and sentiments. He was stubborn as anything. Finally, my mother intervened by saying that everybody had the right to choose his/her own way of life and, Dad should not take decisions on behalf of me. Those were strong words, but, she managed. I’m proud of my mom!

So, my life did take a vital turn. I was to join the Bengaluru office which meant not only a new job but, a new city as well. A new place was a tad bit difficult to cope up with initially, but, I changed myself too. I changed my food habit, I adjusted with the hot and humid weather. I promised myself that I’ll make my Dad proud of me one day.

But the most difficult thing I faced in Bengaluru, was finding a decent apartment! It took me months to find a suitable one. Now, when I look at sites like I just can’t help but praise the efforts put in to make it so effective and  helpful to everyone. Finding a serviced apartment, buying/selling house or even investing in real estates are no more a hassle. One can do it most conveniently with The portal has revolutionised the concept of  real estate, a change has come, a good change in every sense.

A bold step is always needed to change one’s way of life. In my case, my decision helped me to move further. Within six months of service, I was sent for a training to USA. My father congratulated me and, his face lighted up when I told him that after returning, I’ll get a promotion. Yes, I made him proud. I gave my best and, it changed everything. believes in changes, changes which usher positivity and help to live better. Watch this video. Don’t hesitate to bring change into your own life. It’s never too late to start anew. #StartANewLife.