My Taazgi Ka Dhamaka With Colgate #MaxFreshMove

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.32.29

Getting groovy with Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda should always be the most exciting experience ever. The energizing effect I get from the great singer and dancing diva Anushka Manchanda and the refreshing and eye-rolling steps of Allu Arjun is beyond words. And, guess how  enchanting the video must be featuring both of them together! It’s a total masti+dhamaka or should I call it taazgi ka tadka! Because you just can’t sit silently and watch it. You have to move your body along with the rhythm, you have to make your feet tapping with the music. Finding it hard to believe? Well, have a look at the video.

Now, while I was watching the video for the nth number of times, I thought of adding some screen shots of the steps of Allu Arjun which I find totally irresistible.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.29.43This step is a perfect one for a shaadiwala dhamaka. I wish to move up with the music in the same way while attending one of my friends wedding ceremony. The way he has scattered up those red pieces is just overwhelming.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.30.01This is a WOW step, full of energy and vitality. No doubt it’s one of my most favorite #MaxFreshMove! The way Allu Arjun is dancing with both his hands and legs moving in perfect sync, proves his super flexibility and  charisma.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.30.45I love this step! Look the way the beautiful bride has gone gaga over him! It is a simple step, but looks very much youthful. Also it’s a tad typical Mumbaiya tapoori style. Fun to watch it. Allu Arjun can make the most of every simple dance step by improvising it into his very inimitable style!

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.31.41Another fabulous step and one needs to be as fit as a fiddle to perform this. I hope all my precious hours spent at the gym will save me. Hope to perform it in a friends gathering. Chilling out with buddies while performing a bit with the music seems to be a cool idea.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 13.31.56This is a cool move. Easy and rhythmic steps full of energy. In fact, I’ve successfully imitated this and received a good round of applause from my sister. As a dance lover, I can say, Allu Arjun has done a commendable performance along with Anushka Manchanda in this wonderful video.

Dance should come from within, it is the ultimate manifestation of energy and the aesthetic sense. The steps shown here are the best #MaxFreshMove for me.
dance can make any occasion full of masti and magic. I would passionately like to follow up these steps to brighten up the mood, be it a friends gathering, a wedding ceremony or an office party.

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Natural Goodness of Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Dabur, the company that has a tie-up with Mother Nature, has come up with a new baby product, Dabur Baby Massage Oil. There are numerous such products in the market, you can say, then what makes it different from those? Well, this baby oil is filled with the goodness of almond and olive oils, two natural ingredients greatly important for the wholesome development of a baby.

A baby has a naturally soft and radiant skin. Babies, as they say,  are as pure as the God. The cherubic smile and  chubby cheeks can steal anyone’s heart away. So, when it comes to baby’s skin, it becomes absolutely important to take care with special love and nourishment. While mother’s all-encompassing love is most important for a baby, a product like Dabur Baby Massage Oil can ensure his all-round development.

How It Is Different From Other Existing Products?

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is FREE form ant artificial color, paraffin and paraben. Due to their cost effectiveness, such chemicals are used in most of the baby oils making them unsafe for babies in the long run. Such chemicals can create serious health problems like muscle and bone development and retarded growth. Dabur, through extensive research, has made this product absolutely safe and natural.

Goodness Of Premium Natural Oils

Premium natural oils like Olive and Almond have made the oil genuine and effective for baby’s skin nourishment.

5 Benefits of Almond Oil

1. Makes skin healthy and glowing, also helps to improve the texture of the complexion.
2. Moisturizes the skin retaining the natural moisture balance of baby’s delicate skin.
3. Babies are often prone to inflammation and irritation. Prevents, cures and soothes such problems.
4. Nourishes skin making it soft and supple.
5. Regular massaging helps to increase growth and helps in blood circulation.

5 Benefits of Olive Oil

1. A very effective natural moisturizer for skin.
2. Helps to maintain the oil-water balance of the skin.
3. It is used as a natural medicine and has skin regenerative powers. In ancient times, people used it extensively for medicinal purposes. 
4. The mild smell is a natural refresher.
5. Rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and Omega-9 (oleic acid)

Honestly, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is thus the most efficient baby oil available in the market. We certainly don’t take chances when things are associated with babies and, nothing can be safer than an oil made from natural ingredients. Not only that it’s free from any harmful chemicals, any artificial colors and dermatologically tested.

A good massage is beneficial to the baby always. Give your baby the natural goodness, help him grow in a playful manner. The packaging of Dabur Baby Massage Oil with a cute baby elephant on the packet is attractive to babies, too.

Image Credit: Dabur

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Celebrating Life’s Every Moment

Happiness is a relative thing. Some become happy seeing the smile of their near and dear ones, others seek happiness among expensive jewelry or cars.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,”“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”. Nothing can be truer than this. Life is short and, we have so many things to done, so many commitments to fulfill. So I think we should garner happiness from every possible corner…..from every possible situation. Life is a celebration in itself, to me.

I need my family and friends to celebrate life. Life without them is bland and colorless. Last year when my cousin cracked the IIT and came running to our house, shouting and dancing all through the way, the scene, the news, presented some perfect moments of happiness to me. The twinkling of his eyes, the joy in his shout….I could feel the ecstasy along with him. I shared his happiness and became a part of it. Such moments of celebration are eternal and one of the reasons for celebrating life.

When my Mom makes my favorite dish, ( yes,  biryani)  that is instant happiness for me. Relishing on food that satisfies my taste buds and licking my fingers even after finishing the food, makes me happy. I celebrate those delicious feelings making my life more tasteful. No, I’m not  a glutton when it comes to food but I enjoy good food specially made by my mom.  Food, with mom’s golden touch, becomes heavingly.


Even in the mundane, trifle things, I find my own ways to be happy. I celebrate the ways of life, as they come. After a long day at the office, when finally I get a break to move down to the common lounge and plan with my friends for a hangout in the evening, I thank God for giving me the chance to enjoy life. A lovely text from my girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning sometimes provides me the drive to celebrate life.

Celebrating life has some other meanings to me too. When I put a ten-rupee-note on the hand of the handicapped beggar, who spends his whole day just outside my office, his smile feels my mind with happiness. That ten-rupee is note is nothing to us, but a celebration for him. Why not be a part of it?

Lastly, the best way of celebrating my life is my home. the home which was made by my father not only with money, but with dream and love. I celebrate every moment living his dream. He is no more with us, but I can feel his presence in every nook and corner of my house. Being with papa, feeling his invisible presence, is a celebration in itself.

The trees planted by him when bore flowers, they become a part of my celebration. Nature heals and gives me happiness in its own way.


So, that’s my ways of life- my very own celebration.

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The Woman of Substance

Women are multi-dimensional by nature. I’ve seen many of them around me, who are simultaneously playing different roles in life, mother, daughter, wife, sister and they, are equally proficient in all those roles. Not only that, they have established themselves in the outside world also, professionally. One of the most accomplished women I’ve ever seen in my life is Dr Sulabha D’souza, my mother’s childhood friend.

D’souza aunty, as we used to call her, was a rebel since her childhood. To much annoyance of her father, she decided to pursue her chosen career, she wanted to become a doctor so that she could help those people who didn’t have enough money to go for speciality treatment. And a doctor she did become. Not only that, though she belonged to an extremely conservative Hindu Marathi family, she showed the courage to tie wedlock with a Christian. This inter-religion marriage created much ruckus in her family and she was disowned by her father. She was asked to choose, family or marriage. She had nerves of steel and she wanted to live her life with the man she loved. There was no ‘or’ in her life, only ‘and’ and she added those ‘ands’ according to her own will.

But she had no grievance towards her family. She  wanted and tried in her own ways to make them understand that religion didn’t make a man and it’s never justified to judge a person by her/his religion. She succeeded after a long time and her father did understand  his mistake.

Throughout her life, she tried her best to help people who were below the poverty line. She didn’t take any fees from them and mom told us that she didn’t think twice before answering an emergency call even at odd hours.  She was associated with a lot of charitable organizations. Apart from being an extremely hard working medical practitioner, she was a doting mother and a loving wife. She was a woman of substance who knew how to make her presence felt everywhere in a positive way. She was an inspiration who always held an encouraging view towards life.

Perhaps due to this indomitable life-force, she stood firmly grounded in stormy times. Her only son, Sunny bhaiya, was detected with a Stage 1 throat cancer. While he was under treatment, D’souza uncle one day, met with an accident. Perhaps sometimes, God up there took severe test of those people whom He loved most. And D’souza aunty passed the acid test with her determination and courage.

My mom and D'souza aunty, (left)
My mom and D’souza aunty, (left)

The life of this remarkable lady stands as an epitome of encouragement and inspiration. To me, she is one of those women, who knows how to keep a balance in every sphere of life. Hard work, determination and diligence are the mantras of her life. A few years ago, after her husband’s death, she has shifted from Mumbai to D’souza uncle’s ancestral village in Kerala. Still, in her early seventies, she is very much active and alive. She is associated now with a local church and often arrange free medical camps for poor and needy. Still there are a number of ‘ands’ in her life. No ‘or’ ‘if’ ‘but’, only AND. Through this post, I pay sincere regards to her spirit.

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Papa, #WillYouShave ?


My father went for a month-long official tour. It was quite hard for us to spend time without him. Especially for my mom because I was only 10 years old and my sister being only 4. My little sister often used to throw tantrums for she was Papa’s blue-eyed girl. It was almost impossible to console her at times. Twenty years ago from now, there was no availability of internet or abundance of mobile phones, so it was not easy to contact with a person who was 100 kilometers away. I used to show her pictures of my father and tried to make her understand that he would soon be home.

It was a Friday night when Papa knocked the gate. Mom and I knew that he was scheduled to come that day but we didn’t disclose that to the little kid. We wanted it to come as a great surprise to her. We wanted her to be overjoyed seeing her father. We wanted to see her expression and all three of us were hoping to have a great family moment.

But as soon as Papa entered the room and spread his arms to hug his dearest daughter, she let out a cry after throwing a single glance at him. She refused to go to his lap and behaved as if he was a stranger. It was a strange moment! Mama said to her,”look baby, here is your Papa, go and give him a hug”. She cried even bitterly, went to her room, took out a photograph of Papa from the drawer and said pointing towards it,”This is not Papa..papa has no such hairs (stubble) on his face, give me my Papa back”!!!!

Then it became all clear to us. Papa didn’t had the chance to shave as he was under tremendous work pressure. He really was looking odd. But that was not possible for the little girl to comprehend and she took him as a stranger. 😀

We were laughing and Papa went straight to the toilet to have a bath and shave. When he came out, little sis at once jumped to his lap and started blabbering all sort of things. It was a happy moment for all four of us.

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The Curious Case of Chess and Stubble


Sometimes some decisions can become disastrous in our lives. An incident I experienced last year perhaps held the best example to it.

There are several indoor games in the recreation room of our office. We all spend some time there especially on Saturdays. That Saturday, as I entered the room, my friend Suresh called out loudly,”Oh, here you’re… come on mate, this new dude from the HR department claims that no one will be able to beat him in chess…so we all are waiting for you to accept the challenge”. I felt quite smug. Yes, I play chess quite well and had been the champion in my college. I looked squarely at the new boy who introduced himself as Akaash and asked.”Are you sure to accept the challenge?” He smiled and nodded. He then added, “but there is one condition…I will shave off my mustache if I lose and you’ll stop shaving for a month in case you are the loser”. Everybody, including me, laughed at his statement and I readily accepted the challenge.

It is said, that too much pride is the reason behind one’s fall. It is also said that never underestimate your opponent. I did both! …and after one hour when Akaash calmly said “checkmate”, I was stunned. My colleagues, who were cheering for me, they stood silent. But a challenge was a challenge. I congratulated Akaash and said that I’ll definitely keep myself away from shaving for one month. He was a nice person to say that it was just a joke and he was ready to take back his words. But, oh! my male ego! I refused his proposal.

For the first week it was actually not a problem. From the second week, I began to feel irritated with that messy stuff. It was so unhealthy and disturbing ! I almost stopped looking at myself in the mirror. And then…the most unexpected and  dangerous thing happened. My fiance Snigdha told me (she was almost mad with me seeing my unshaven face) that her Grandpa was coming to Mumbai and wanted to meet me!!

Now, I’m in a relationship with Snigdha for almost one year and both our families are happy with it. But according to their family tradition, her Grandpa would have to say the last word in this matter. It was really important that he must approve me as a ‘suitable boy’ for his grand-daughter. I assured Snigdha that I didn’t look that bad with my overgrown facial hairs and I couldn’t step down now from the chess-challenge. I also cursed myself and vouched in the name of Kasparov that I would never play chess in my lifetime!

On that auspicious day I dressed my best and prayed almost for 5 minutes. I prayed again before pressing the bell of their apartment. Snigdha’s mother opened the door and her expression clearly showed that she was shocked. But she didn’t say anything and ushered me inside. Snigdha’s sister giggled and said, “mere honewale jiju, ye kya haal bana rakkha hain? kuchh lete kyun nahi?“. Her mother reprimanded her and she went inside, still giggling. I was feeling really tensed.

After some time, Snigdha’s Grandpa entered the room. His clean-shaved face and taut complexion belied his age. After exchanging the usual niceties, he asked me about my job and my family and left the room. And then I heard his voice,”it seems the boy is too busy with his work and office, gets no time even for a decent shaving….how would he keep my dear Snigdha happy?…Moreover, he looks so clumsy and untidy”!!!!

Snigdha rushed out of the room and threw a glaring look at me. She was almost at the verge of crying.

I returned home and picked up my Gillette Mach3.

“To hell with the challenge and chess and everything ! I can’t afford to lose Snigdha even for my life”!

#WillYouShave? “Yes, I must”.

I visited Snigdha’s house again that evening.

Snigdha is now officially engaged with me.

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No Stubble and He Won Her Heart

Once upon a time there was a cottage upon a hill
A maid lived over there whose beauty could kill
Any young lad on the face of the earth
The maid’s  heart was pure, nature full of mirth.

Yonder came a boy from the city one day
Fair he was, handsome too but hey …
He proudly caressed his stubble as he walked
Happy was he, but our maid was shocked !!

The boy fell in love, head over heels
Seeing the maid he thought,”look kills”
He wanted to marry the lovely belle
“How to win her heart? who can tell?”

“Dress like a gentleman, mind your manners
She likes everything modest, hates dazzle and banners”
Said a friendly guy to him.
And what about my lovely stubble? do it need a trim?”

Stubble? Oh God! she hates it from her heart
You should get rid of that part.
That’s the only thing that stands between
You must look shaven and clean”.

“But I love my stubble” said the man
“It’s symbol of masculinity and looks good
I’m fine with this”.
“Okay”, said the friend, “then forget that demure miss”.

The man thought and understood.
Masculinity has nothing to do with his stubble-hood.
If he continues with this trend, uncool and old
He should miss the opportunity to struck gold.

One fine morning he made himself free of stubble.
“Oh, yes, now I’ve got rid of that messy trouble 
I’m looking so clean and fresh
I’m happy being stubble-less”.

He went to the garden to get a single rose
A rose for a rose, she is a poetry, no mundane prose”
He dreamt and went to meet the girl
With a red rose and a string of pearl.

The girl’s happiness knew no bounds
She was overwhelmed to see him around
His new look. no stubble and so cool
She accepted his love, her mind so full.

Thus ended the love-story and they got married.
With the ‘no-stubble’ look that he carried.
A perfect couple they look so happy and pure
Gone was that trouble, STUBBLE no more.

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Topics for Girls
  • An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
  • An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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