They Were In Love #BringBackTheTouch

Touch, the word brings a lot of sensation. A sincere touch from the deepest core of the heart can heal every wound. A touch of love can fade out the anger from one’s mind. Remember that famous “Jaadu ki Jhappi“of Munnabhai? Wasn’t it a touch of love to refresh one’s mind? It acted in a wonderful way and that was not totally a filmy drama. It happens in reality too.

In our college we had a group of friends, Angshuman, Aranya, Nisha and me. We used to do everything together. Teachers used to say that we had been glued together. But we knew that the invisible adhesive was friendship and love. We were always united and partners in every crime. Once Nisha made a cartoon of our Maths professor on the board and before she could wipe that out, the professor arrived at the class. One of our classmates fell for his persistence and intimidation and spilled the beans. But the teacher was perplexed when all four of us stood together and each claimed that he/she was the artist! I still remember that he took all four of us to the Rector who ordered us to stand at the lawn for the whole day. We actually enjoyed that punishment.

No good thing lasts for ever. Our group was about to scatter as Angshuman’s father had to shift to another state for his job. When we got the news, we all were shocked and shattered. We were not able to understand the situation at that age and Angshuman even cursed his father for being a Central Government Officer! But we just had nothing to do but bear the painful separation.

On the day of their departure, the three of us went to the airport for the send-off. Both Aranya and Nisha were sobbing and I was trying my best to conceal my tears. Just after the announcement of the final call, Angshuman hugged Aranya and me. Nisha was standing by my side, she held out her hand and Angshuman took her hand in his. That moment, that touch clearly told us one thing, they were not mere friends but they shared deeper relationship.

Touch reveals a lot, it has its own way to speak out. Angshuman and Nisha are still in love with each other and we make them butt of our jokes reminding that very first ‘touch’ they shared. #BringBackTheTouch has proved to be so literal in their lives.

This video from ( Parachute Advansed Body Lotion) spreads a beautiful message,  #BringBackTheTouch . Do watch it and feel the power of touch.

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My Dream, My Home

It is said “home is where the heart is” and a home which fulfills one’s every wish, turns every dream into reality, is a perfect one. But a perfect home, as we visualize it in our mind, is something hard to build. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the suitable tiles, sometimes the flooring gets all the wrong way and when it comes to bathroom and kitchen, it becomes really hard to choose the right things from a plethora of designs and varieties. So here is PORCELANOSA  with their exquisite range of wall floors, tiles and just everything one needs to create a dream home! The entire range will make you gape in awe. Creativity and perfection go hand in hand here.

So, here are some of my favourites which I would like to pick for my ‘dream home’ to make it heavenly and exclusive.
First of all, for me, the walls get the most priority before anything else. Because  walls are those contour that encapsulate all other decorations. I would like to pick the Metal effect wall tiles for a bright, warm radiance and glitter. So, Arabia Gold (1,5 x 1,5 cm) would be shining as bright sunrays on one side of my living room.

Arabia-Gold-(1,5x1,5)-29,5x29,5x0,4For the bathroom, my choice is metallic again and this time it is Madison Plata (31,6 x 90 cm) . The shimmer of this beautiful tile is sure to make my bathroom look like a royal one.

P-Madison_Plata31,6x90cmI’ve a love for bathtubs, all the days toil can be washed out when one relaxes in the cozy lukewarm water of a tub. So, I’m simultaneously choosing this bold, black beauty for the embellished bathroom. A perfect match, isn’t it? A play with the light and shine contrasted by the boldness of black.

banera-victorian-single-negraNext comes the flooring, which is almost as important as the walls. For my bathroom the Borneo Sage (43,5 x 43,5 cm) The colour is in perfect sync with the wall and the shimmer looks natural. Not only that, the texture creates a sober tone as it’s single coloured.
Now, Ithink its quite clear that I’m a bit obsessed with the bathroom section 😀 Yes, I am. For I believe that every day should begin with a nice feeling and end with a pleasant note.

P-Borneo_Sage43,5x43,5cm_H (1)
Kitchen is nonetheless that part of the house that satisfies  our gastronomical pleasures. I want my kitchen to be minimalist and trendy, and this time it is G690 Roble Petróleo / Roble Blanco Cal model from  Porcelanosa. It’s creative, versatile with enough storage place for an ideal kitchen. Moreover, components, such as glass or KRION® countertops has been used to make it exclusive in the truest sense.

Finally, comes the turn for my dream wardrobe and for that the top priority is space, space and space. This Terra Yeso Brillo model, I think is just tailor-made for my need. A simple yet elegant look with customized space organization. Perfect for me.

So folks, this much for today. The above mentioned things are enough to make me satisfied to the fullest extent. Porcelanosa is an unique site with the widest range of choicest products I’ve explored so far. To know more about them you can visit A noble and pure form of lifestyle.

P.S. All the photographs used here belong to PORCELANOSA

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Every Babli Needs a Toilet #ToiletForBabli

India is shining. Indian scientists have successfully sent spaceship to Mars and a metro city in India is no less that any other of its kind in any part of the world. But what about rural India? What about the villages which hold most of the Indian population? People are still leading a primitive life in most of the villages, especially in Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal, and some some southern states.

The problem which is weakening our country in every sphere, indirectly or directly, is the problem of open toilets. We’ve stepped into the space but still we can’t ensure a clean, sanitized toilet for each and every home. It’s a national shame. Little kids, young women are becoming victims of this unhygienic practice. Open defecation is giving rise to various diseases thereby increasing the child mortality rate. Those who are surviving, are suffering from poor physical conditions. If a greater part of the population in vulnerable to diseases and are forced to live an unhealthy life, a country can never develop further.

Let’s consider the case of Babli, a little girl from any of the insignificant villages of India. She has to wake up even before the sunrise everyday. Because she, along with her mother, goes to the nearby field to attend nature’s call. They have to go so early as they find it beyond their dignity and modesty to perform those chores in front of other male population. But this practice is really unsafe. Last year, during the rainy season, Babli lost one of her elder cousins. She went out in the early morning to defecate and died due to snake-bite.

Babli goes to the local school which is 10 kilometers away. Even in the school there is no proper toilet. She finds it really  humiliating when occasionally she and her friends have to use the field nearby. They have to go in groups so that some of them can form a sort of guard using their dupattas. But why the condition is so bad? Babli thinks sometimes. Why no one is understanding the importance of good hygiene and proper sanitation? A clean toilet can be a solution to so many problems. They don’t have to make the fields filthy with faeces. The excrement, scattered along the field, will no longer be an open source of diseases. The terrible smell will not be a torment any more.

Babli knows that in this way they are polluting the ponds, rivers and lakes too. During the rainy season, almost all people in her village suffer from diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. This is because the rainwater carries those excrement and make them flow down to local ponds and lakes thereby contaminating them. As there are not many source of water in the village, they’ve to use those contaminated water for household purposes, if not for drinking. Is there no one who could help in some way to get rid of this situation?

DOMEX has understand the plight of millions of Bablis and therefore has launched a programme named Domex Toilet Academy or DTA. Under this programme, Domex has taken the resolution to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa. Such initiative is really praiseworthy and it’s our duty to spread their voice everywhere through blogging.

We wish Domex all success in this wonderful initiative. #ToiletForBabli is of utmost importance than anything else.

P.S. You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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Healthy Child Is Synonymous To Happy Home

My sis
My sis

My sister is 6 years younger than me. When My mom one day returned from the hospital with that soft, cute bundle of joy, I just became overjoyed! From that day, I used to monitor her every moment, every motion, every ways of growing up. When she was 6 months old, she fell ill all of a sudden. It was a mild pneumonia but that damaged her immunity system a lot. Even after getting cured she used to catch cough and cold very easily. Fever was her constant companion. I remember her sitting sadly outside the play ground many a time. Mom didn’t want her to go outside and play under sun. She was always afraid that somehow her daughter would catch cold and would have to go through severe medication. Even she was not allowed to eat cold drinks and ice creams. I felt so sorry for her but actually had to obey mom’s orders in this respect.

I still can visualize that day. It was Sheena’s 6th birthday and both of us were happily playing around the house from the morning. Papa ordered her favorite chocolate cake and some friends and relatives were invited . A small house party was arranged. I was busy decorating the living room with colored papers, ribbons and balloons. Papa returned from the market with some packets. He handed me a big one and said, “There are ice-creams in it, go and keep it in the fridge…go quickly otherwise they will melt”.

I was about to put the packet in the fridge when suddenly and surreptitiously Sheena appeared by my side. “Hey, will you please give a cup to me? Please? Mom will not give me even a spoonful…I know..she never gives” said she, with tears in her eyes. I just couldn’t resist myself. After all, it was her birthday! Her twinkling eyes and angelic smile conveyed her happiness as I handed her a cup.

But it was a wrong thing to do and I understood in the evening what mistake I had done. She woke up with a sore throat, watery eyes and mild fever. Mom just went crazy! All the relatives were about to come and Sheena herself fell ill. She asked her several times whether she had drank a drop from the bottle of cold drinks…she, with a face ashen and haggard, nodded negatively. Mom finally asked me! I had to confess for it was painful for me to witness her plight. I want her to get well soon, by some magic potion or something. Mom didn’t scold me. She understood my feelings and emotions.

That evening when the guests arrived mom had  no way but to apologize for Sheena’s absence. She was sleeping after  taking her tablets and cough syrup. Meera aunty, mom’s friend, told that evening that she should try Dabur Chyawanprash for Sheena. She also told that it’s totally natural and contains ingredients like Amla and Giloy and also other herbs which are essential for improving the immunity system.

Next morning, as soon as the nearby shop opened, mom went out to fetch a bottle of Dabur Chyawanprash. She was tired of seeing her dear daughter falling sick for at least once in every month. From that day Sheena used to take Chyawanprash, 2 times a day. Mom made it mandatory for me also. I really liked the taste,sort of pickle type, so was rather happy.

Dabur Chyawanprash really worked slowly but surely for Sheena. Within one year she looked much healthier and stronger. She used to play outside with her friends too. There were a few more times that she fell ill with fever and cold but she recuperated very quickly and easily. Our home was happy..or I should say happier with Sheena jumping and playing all the time. Mom no more asked her to stay off from ice -creams  and cold-drinks. We were happy.

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Mist,Mountain,Tea and Petrichor


It was a sleepy morning in the mountains
We started our adventure through the rugged terrains
The mist was hanging down by the cliffs like clouds
“It ‘s going to be rain” someone said aloud. 
But mountains has a changing mood we all know 
Here’s a drizzle and there’s a sun will give you a blow

We were visiting the picturesque state of Sikkim
My longing to be there was finally blooming.
We watched the Buddhist monasteries, so calm and cool
I thought how splendid it would feel to visit here when the moon is full.
Somebody suggested to pay a visit to a tea garden, lush green beauty 
” We should go ” said my sister , it’s our mountainous duty.


So we reached there,” Temi Tea Garden ” as they called it by name
It was like any other tea garden and I visited earlier a couple of them
I descended several steps to reach the garden, among the trees
Shade trees stood tall, long and straight, birds and buzzing bees.
The sky grew black and suddenly it started to rain
Droplets of water, coming downwards, causing much pain. 

Then it happened, like a magic, mystical and mythical 
A fragrance filled the the garden, mesmerizing and ethereal
The rain-soaked tea trees emitted a smell , fresh and sweet 
Along with the petrichor it lifted up my spirit.
That an aroma could make one so joyful and lively 
I never felt like that , smelling the air merrily .


Tea could be refreshing , yes , we all know 
But have you ever experienced that wild aroma of fresh -soaked leaves ?
Mingled with the scent of dry earth, thrived with moisture
It was a godly experience, I still wonder. 
The mist, the tea-trees, the petrichor and clouds
The aroma had a mysterious formula, enveloped in shrouds .

Godrej aer creates fragrances, inspired by nature 
Natural aromatic experiences, that’s their main feature.
I wish them to invent a smell as sweet as my experience 
Most exotic and divine, the olfactory lobe could sense.


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Mom,Biriyani ,Borosil

The smell of the Basmati rice was hovering around the dining hall . I sniffed  hard to get the taste inside through my nostrils . Taste  has a lot to do with smell and as I sniffed again  a whiff of cardamom, cinnamon and other exotic spices tingled my taste-buds to inform me that it was not just the rice ….. something else , something more delighting was there .

It was Sunday and my mom herself was in the kitchen , accompanied by her helping hand , Madhu . We , me and my sister , were expecting  and waiting for a gourmet’s delight and as usual mom didn’t reveal what was she cooking . It was always a pleasant surprise for us …on a weekly basis.

The tension was increasing and the smell was becoming breathtakingly savoury . Nita , my sister , mused with half-closed eyes , ” chunks of chicken , with a variety of spice marinades , so well cooked that they melt in the mouth like hard dollops of butter ..ummmm “

I winked , ” do you think it’s that special  dish of mom ?
“Sure  , I can bet for it ..I can tell it from miles away by its flavor

So we sat there , licking our lips…drooling literally .
And then it arrived , served in Bloom – Fidenza melamine Borosil serving bowl . The simplicity and elegance of the servingware enhanced the aroma and the  beauty of the content.

It was our most coveted dish… Mughlai style Chicken Biriyani by mom ! You won’t be able to feel the heavenly taste unless you give it a try. The captivating aroma along with those  soft  chicken  chunks , smitten in spices , those small pieces of almonds and the royal smell of saffron … it was a gastronomical  grandeur .

We were discovering the delight…layer by layer , rice and chicken and then fried onions and almonds …and there came chicken again along with rice !!   Cooked carefully under ‘dum’  which helped to retain the exact flavor of the spices in a slow but sure process. What more could a person want to feel blissful ? Okay okay… It was a pure bliss for stomach but as they say that the road to heart goes via stomach .

As we were savoring that heavenly Biriyani , along came another delight , in a smaller Borosil serving bowl. As I opened the lid , it was my favorite pineapple raita , the  vision of pineapple chunks in the creamy yogurt , garnished with chopped coriander leaves ….food frenzy ..yes ,that was what I felt .

We ate as if apocalypse was approaching and we won’t get a second chance .  Mom was more than happy seeing our delightful faces and happy stomachs.

She smiled and said , ” Good food makes a happy and healthy family and you should also learn the right way to garnish and serve food. As a person’s appearance depends much on the way he/ she dresses , similarly , the appeal of a well-cooked dish depends on the way it is served ” ..she smiled and looked admiringly at the Borosil melamine dinner set .

They were blooming too , a perfect combination .

I Know nothing about my mom’s secret recipes but
To know more about Borosil and it’s beautiful products , visit

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Indie Love Blog Hop : The Bombay Bhel by Ken Doyle

This is a review about a book which I enjoyed very much.

Scattered Thoughts

wpid-Bombay_Bhel_FrontCoverThe Bombay Bhel  by KenDoyle is one of those books which the readers would like to savour . As the name suggests , the book is a smooth blend of short fictions containing myriad flavours. “Bhel” or ‘Bhelpuri’ is a street-food which is almost unanimous with the city of Bombay or Mumbai , and Ken has delineated his stories in the most realistic manner with Bombay as the backdrop. The stories feature the Goan culture as well as the Angolo-Indian communities and even the tales of a street-vendor or a schoolboy have been portrayed in a manner that the reader can feel the throbbing of the city .

Bombay is a cosmopolitan city where people from different parts of India flock together to make a livelihood. Ken Doyle has caught the essence of the city as it was in the late twentieth century , the interlinked stories represents…

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