Waking Up To A Gold Morning With Colgate 360

Every morning we wake up with new aspirations. The morning sun shines upon us with a new smile. Forgetting yesterday’s faults and regrets, every morning we start afresh. The darkness of the night is replaced by the golden hues of the sun, and new hopes rise on the horizon. Why do we feel new and fresh every morning?

As we grow up, our preferences and priorities change. As a child, my mornings used to start with a glass of milk and butter toasts. Mom was the first to wake up and then it was my turn. Every morning it was a fussy affair for me. I used to rub my eyes repeatedly showing my reluctance to leave the bed. I had to, but before the breakfast, as I used to brush my teeth, the fresh taste of the toothpaste cheered me up. Believe it or not, I even ate the toothpaste a couple of times, I so liked the taste!

Now, I can’t afford that luxury of spending time on my bed in the morning except on the holidays. I even skip my breakfast and, this gives rise to fracas often with my mom. But even today, the morning starts as I head to the washroom to freshen up. My morning doesn’t start without brushing my teeth thoroughly. Many a thing has changed about the way I start my morning since the childhood but one, brushing the teeth is still the first thing I do after getting up. This healthy habit has been installed in me from the very beginning of my life and, I think it is the best way to start a day, a healthy wholesome way.

Mornings are new, habits are old
Some energies are precious just like gold
Let’s embrace and shine, cherish the yearnings
Wake up with the #Colgate360GoldMornings.

1-colgate 011

A few days ago, an impressive gift package from Colgate India just made my morning even fresher. I think almost everybody will agree with the fact that a healthy brushing habit needs a good toothbrush and toothpaste. In ancient times, charcoal was used to clean teeth. The power of activated charcoal is brought here on the spiral bristles of a golden-yellow toothbrush from Colgate. The toothbrush surely is able to turn good mornings into gold mornings! Not only that, the toothbrush can help us cleaning the tongue, gums, and interior of the cheeks as well, which means, it is an all-around 360-degree cleansing.

1-colgate 006

Now, each of my good mornings will be golden, with a better and healthy to freshen up.
A golden morning- not just a greeting but a special way to start the way with new hopes, new smile, and a new freshness.


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