Social Impacts of Online Shopping

Since the internet has become a part and parcel of our existence, online shopping sites are burgeoning and getting popular with every passing day. Shopping, the definition and the concept, both have been revolutionized in the recent years. This is an inevitable part of progress, technically and socially. Though at the beginning some of us were sceptical about the authenticity, quality and price of the goods bought online, with passing years, we have understood the convenience and advantage of online shopping. There are some negative aspects too, but let’s concentrate on the brighter side first.

The Positive Impacts

The first and foremost one being the time. We can shop at our own convenience, be it the wee hours of morning or midnight, online shopping websites are open 24×7. No more we are at the mercy of the shopkeepers, waiting for a particular time to open the shops or being in a hurry as they are going to close them.

Standing in a long queue while paying for the purchased goods is a common and annoying incident in big stores. Online shopping saves us from that predicament.

We often have to pay for parking in shopping malls. Also, we have to travel, the fuel consumption, the pollution caused by this and the exhaustion, all are saved when we shop online.

There are a number of online shopping sites now, we can compare the prices and go for the lowest one. The competition between the sites to attract consumers has made it easier for us. Moreover, we often have deals and discounts on special days, national holidays, during festivals etc which are way better than the shopping centers.

The variety is greater than any shop any day.

Most of the reputed brands have their own websites now and, thus, even if one wants to buy expensive or branded goods, it can be done in a jiffy.

Downloading music on i-Pods or buying books on Kindle have never been easier.

All the online shopping sites use different courier services to deliver their products. This has created job opportunity for the not-so-educated youths. In a country like India, this is of great importance.

With the advent of smartphones and with the introduction of apps for most of the popular shopping websites, we can shop from anywhere and everywhere provided we have an internet connection.

Lets us now focus on some of the worrying factors that we do face while shopping online.

The Negative Impacts

Small shops and retailers are finding it difficult to survive as they can’t afford to offer heavy discounts on their products.

Sometimes the COD (cash on delivery) is not available and, many of us find it threatening to share their personal banking details online. In fact, sometimes such information could lead to drastic consequences as fraudulent activities are quite common over the internet.

We can’t check the goods physically before purchase. In the case of clothing, we can’t give them a try to find out whether they fit us perfectly.

Sometimes it takes too much time to deliver the goods and, the purpose for which the buy was meant for is missed. In direct shopping, we get the goods as soon as we buy and pay for it. But that’s not possible with online shopping.

In spite of all these, online shopping is becoming popular with every passing day and many socialists are defining it as the future of shopping.

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