Impact of Reading Books

Reading is a fundamental thing. It is an integral part of life. We need to read not only for the entertainment but for the development of our mind and brain. Only reading can help you to be the human being you want to be, to prosper in life and, to gain a place of your own among millions of other people. It is all about enlightenment. The most wonderful thing is, reading helps to become a better person, a person who has knowledge about many a thing and who can understand and know the life story of others.

By the above statement, I mean to say reading has a great impact on our life. A person is known by the books he reads, so goes the adage. But before we start reading by ourselves, it’s always the parents who read to us to grow the interest in us about book and reading. My mother used to read to me, mostly stories from Aesop’s Fables or some fairy tales. When I learnt to recognize the alphabets and could spell out words, she deliberately stopped reading the story at an interesting point when my childish curiosity was at its crescendo. She forced me to read the next few lines myself and thus had created the habit of reading in me. Victor Hugo said in Les Miserables, “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.”- this is the most remarkable analogy I’ve ever heard about reading.

Reading stimulates the mind, it helps to look at the same thing from different perspectives and broadens your mind. The impact of a good book stays with us for a long time and helps us to choose our actions in the right way.

Reading helps to gain knowledge about different things. You can visualize the world in between the covers of books, you can see the world through words.
Another impact of reading is that it helps to improve the memory. When we read a story book, we need to remember the sequence of events, detailing, names of the characters and events so that we grasp the whole story meaningfully. Reading requires a seamless connection between your intelligence, concentration, understanding ability and imagination, the last one is more needed when you are reading a fiction. So, reading is an exercise for the brain.

The most wonder impact of reading is its entertainment quotient. Reading a book of one’s choice can have peaceful effects on minds. Pregnant women are often advised to read good books to keep their mind fresh and calm, this is said to have positive effects on the baby. We all know the story of Abhimanyu from The Mahabharata, who learnt the way of breaking the chakrabyuha (an intricate battle plan) while he was in his mother’s womb, but didn’t know the way of coming out. His mother missed out listening to that part. In ancient times also, people used to believe this.

Reading helps a lot to improve vocabulary and writing skills. It also increases concentration and patience.

The crux is, though a solitary endeavour, reading has a great impact on us, it helps to develop our latent skills and, makes the prominent ones sharper.

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