Music of Nature


Music is a thing we can’t live without. Commonly speaking, music are those notes, chords and tunes which are capable of producing a pleasing effect to our ears. We love to listen to songs and instrumental music, we have different choices and our likings vary. The world of music is vast with a myriad of tones and tunes. But have you ever pondered over the fact that music is always directly or indirectly influenced or inspired by nature?

Long ago, in ancient times, the sages were aware of the tremendous power of music. They knew music can transform, uplift and move us to a higher state of living. There were strict rules and precisions for chanting each shloka, taming the power of nature in the process. The right way to chant the mystical, sacred monosyllabic mantra ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ can transport a person to a higher level of spiritualism.

There are innumerable sounds in nature. Every moment we are listening to them, some are subtle, sensitive while others are easily perceptible. When the sun rises every day, the morning with all its glory welcomes him. The flowers open up, leaves shine, and the birds begin their songs. I often wonder how do birds produce such a variety of sounds and what vocal intricacy and dexterity they have! I once read in a book, the songs of birds are produced by the coordinated activity of different muscles. Aren’t our favorite singers follow the same rule to make their renditions melodious and perfect?

So, here also, the inspiration comes from nature itself.

Not only birdsongs, but nature has an inexhaustible source of music. The drizzle has a soft, purring sound, the pitter-patter raindrops while a downpour is furiously melodious. The rhythm of a waterfall or a torrential river bickering down to a valley has an enigma. The sound which can melt you, mix you up with itself. The roaring of sea waves has a pattern in it, there is a hidden tune, and once you can decipher that, you can find yourself one with nature and music.

Music and rhythm are excellent ways of moving towards the discovering of identity. The inception point being hidden somewhere in the bosom of nature. Our audibility has a specific range and we can’t hear anything beyond that. Otherwise, I believe, we could hear the most soothing sound when a flower slowly blooms, when dewdrops transcend to the earth or when a butterfly sucks honey.

Music is ethereal, music is the offspring ob nature. The domain of music is ubiquitous. It flows through our blood, through our nerves. Even the hearts beats in a musical manner, with definite rhythmical beats. Once the beat is lost, we meet the end. It’s nature who has created us in this way, adorning every single second of our life with music, discernible or indiscernible to the mortals. Nature holds the key, the most complicated tunes, the sweetest melodious songs, the most soulful chant, all owe eternally to nature. For the inspiration, for the source, for the beauty of life- music.

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