My Choicest Peppy Female Characters

Films leave deep impacts on our life. Whether we want or not, knowingly or unknowingly, the characters of the celluloid make us happy or sad with them and their way of living. The sudden turn of incidents of their life often makes us cry silently or laugh aloud. Their story mingles with our thought processes and, often leaves indelible marks. It is not astonishing that the female characters, in general, are able to create the deepest impact and in my case, the lively peppy female pivotal characters are the most favorite ones. I’m a sort of introvert person and perhaps, that is the reason I get easily affected by the spontaneity and energetic nature of the heroines. I love the easy fun and frolic they carry with them. Here are the five most peppy female characters of my choice from Bollywood. It goes without saying they are not at all perfect, have their idiosyncracies as well. But still I’m happy to see that Bollywood has started embracing female protagonists with flaws, making them similar to  real life.

So, here goes my list.

Kareena Kapoor as Geet in the film Jab We Met. She is a girl who often makes a mess and behaves like an impractical dreamer. But the positivity of her character attracts me. She is courageous enough to accept her mistakes and bear the consequences as they come. She can face the world by herself if the situation demands.

Konkona Sen Sharma as Ayesha in Wake Up Sid. The indomitable spirit and vivacity of the character are the main attractions. She wants to be an esteemed writer on her own abilities. She has high self-esteem and she knows how to make her own place in this world. The maturity of Ayesha is highly inspiring to me. I love this character who knows how to maintain a balanced life.

Parineeti Chopra as Meeta in Hasee Toh Phasee. She has so many loopholes in her character, but still she manages to become a winner in life with her vivacity. She can find opportunities even in the most adverse situation and, knows how to make the most of everything. The optimism in her makes her an unforgettable character.

Anushka Sharma as Akira in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. She is an easy-going high-spirited girl with ambitions. She is bold enough even to accept harsh truths. She honors friendship and knows to hold back her emotions when required.

Last but not the least, Kangna Ranawat as Rani in Queen. The positivity I find in this character is highly inspiring. Even after her fiance cancels the marriage, she decides to go on with the plan of her honeymoon, alone. The amazing confidence she reveals in the process along with a great attitude have taken this character to another level, a woman of substance.


Apart from these five, there are many more unforgettable characters in the history of Bollywood. But, to me, they are the most wonderful ones.

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