Impacts of Social Media on Our Life

Social media definitely plays a major role in our life. In this age of gadgets and smartphones, even a kid knows how to operate a facebook account. Gone are those days when a tablet meant a ‘goli’ you need to wash down with plain water when ill. Nowadays, words such as ‘like’ ‘follow’ or ‘share’ have meanings our ancestors couldn’t even think of! “I am following you” doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong and, I’m keeping an eye on you. Sometimes, when I think of these titanic transitions, I can’t help laughing.

The impacts of social media on our daily life are irrefutable. Let’s discuss some of them in a lighter mood.

What is most important to a person when he is attending a family function? Well, earlier, this meant meeting with relatives, exchanging pleasantries, paying respect to elders. But now, the first and foremost thing a person does is updating his status on facebook as,”attending my cousin’s wedding”. That’s tolerable. But most of the times the status update is accompanied by a ‘selfie’! This tendency is more infectious with our female counterparts, and especially on wedding seasons, my timeline gets flooded with selfies! No idea why suddenly we earthlings have become so narcissistic.

With the proliferation of profile pictures and selfies, the demand for ‘like’ has also increased. It is the most active social media paraphernalia. Whether you actually have a liking for any picture or not, that matters a fig. You must hit a ‘like’ for all the photos of your friends, his dogs, his uncle’s false teeth, his grandma’s pair of glasses…so on and so forth. If you ever fail to perform, your friends would mark you as selfish or unsocial. Sometimes, I really pray for a ‘dislike’ button, of course, an anonymous one!

As in this country, there are now more mobile phones than toilets, no wonder that the citizens are busy taking pictures everywhere and of anything. We were supposed to gobble down the food as soon as they arrived in the post-smartphone days. Now, it’s mandatory to take pictures of the food from different angles before you start eating and, post them on your social media handles. Even if you’re hungry, you can’t just start eating…that’s not the social rule. Take pictures, post them, wait for at least a couple of likes, and then, start eating! Don’t miss the positive aspect of this phenomenal change, it has helped us to check our primal urge of hunger and temptation, it has helped us to increase the patience!

We used to play games of different types in our childhood, both indoor and outdoor. But whatever it might be, we never consistently nagged an unwilling friend to play a particular game. That was something  rude, irrational and irritating. But now, your friends can make you mad with anger and frustration simply by sending repetitive requests of Candy Crush or Farmville. You want to scream and crush their soul, but no way. You are a social animal.

So, let’s enjoy the parallel existence of two worlds in our life, real and virtual. Let the impact of social media deepen and live long!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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