Natural Goodness of Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Dabur, the company that has a tie-up with Mother Nature, has come up with a new baby product, Dabur Baby Massage Oil. There are numerous such products in the market, you can say, then what makes it different from those? Well, this baby oil is filled with the goodness of almond and olive oils, two natural ingredients greatly important for the wholesome development of a baby.

A baby has a naturally soft and radiant skin. Babies, as they say,  are as pure as the God. The cherubic smile and  chubby cheeks can steal anyone’s heart away. So, when it comes to baby’s skin, it becomes absolutely important to take care with special love and nourishment. While mother’s all-encompassing love is most important for a baby, a product like Dabur Baby Massage Oil can ensure his all-round development.

How It Is Different From Other Existing Products?

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is FREE form ant artificial color, paraffin and paraben. Due to their cost effectiveness, such chemicals are used in most of the baby oils making them unsafe for babies in the long run. Such chemicals can create serious health problems like muscle and bone development and retarded growth. Dabur, through extensive research, has made this product absolutely safe and natural.

Goodness Of Premium Natural Oils

Premium natural oils like Olive and Almond have made the oil genuine and effective for baby’s skin nourishment.

5 Benefits of Almond Oil

1. Makes skin healthy and glowing, also helps to improve the texture of the complexion.
2. Moisturizes the skin retaining the natural moisture balance of baby’s delicate skin.
3. Babies are often prone to inflammation and irritation. Prevents, cures and soothes such problems.
4. Nourishes skin making it soft and supple.
5. Regular massaging helps to increase growth and helps in blood circulation.

5 Benefits of Olive Oil

1. A very effective natural moisturizer for skin.
2. Helps to maintain the oil-water balance of the skin.
3. It is used as a natural medicine and has skin regenerative powers. In ancient times, people used it extensively for medicinal purposes. 
4. The mild smell is a natural refresher.
5. Rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and Omega-9 (oleic acid)

Honestly, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is thus the most efficient baby oil available in the market. We certainly don’t take chances when things are associated with babies and, nothing can be safer than an oil made from natural ingredients. Not only that it’s free from any harmful chemicals, any artificial colors and dermatologically tested.

A good massage is beneficial to the baby always. Give your baby the natural goodness, help him grow in a playful manner. The packaging of Dabur Baby Massage Oil with a cute baby elephant on the packet is attractive to babies, too.

Image Credit: Dabur

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