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It would be an understatement to say I’m a cricket fan; I’m a crazy fanatic who is obsessed with the game. I used to play cricket in school, even in college I nurtured my desire of becoming a cricketer. But, my destiny didn’t allow me pursue my dream of  playing the Gentleman’s Game. But the devotion for the game continued, not only that, it has increased with the time.

As a kid, the opportunity to watch cricket depended solely on the decision of my mother. Whenever there was a test match or one-day series I used to put extra efforts to my studies and, accordingly granted from her the permission to watch the television in exchange of my good marks.

Now, with hundreds of channels around, watching cricket and keeping a vivid account of the update are not problems at all. Nobody is there to stop me from watching cricket, be it the wee hours of the morning or the midnight. But, I have my own constraints and limitations now. I can’t keep awake at night as I’ve to meet the deadline in the office the next day or attend some meeting in the first hour.

I’ve lied several times for the sake of cricket to my boss. I killed my already deceased uncle a few more times to take leave, several times I made myself dying from stomach pain and what not!  I even cancelled dates with my girlfriend a few times! (Yes, I’m that crazy) I refused to attend family functions when it clashed with an important match.  These definitely hurts my feelings as well as others, but I’m just helpless when it is cricket!

Still,  with the increasing number of matches throughout the year, the IPL, the T-20, the Test series- it is impossible these days to keep track of everything unless you’re enjoying a retired life. Googling surreptitiously for the latest update while in a meeting was the only plausible option before I find out the UCWEB.COM

This exclusive browser is a dream-come-true for every cricket lover!  The UC browser from UCWEB.COM is the coolest ever mobile browser. It works seamlessly for Android; not only that  it can be installed on other platforms like Windows, Java, Pad, i-phone or even in your PC. It is fast and very much user-friendly. In fact, it’s seamless operation has made me a great fan and, I’ve made it my default browser on my mobile.
Screenshot 2015-07-08 12.24.28
Now, you may ask why it is the coolest one for ardent cricket lovers like us? Well, UC browser has a dedicated space for cricket fans! The small BLUE icon on the upper right side of the home screen will provide you with all the latest cricket updates. You can click on the desired link to watch more! It is just unbelievable! Never before getting cricket news and watching live updates were so easy.
Screenshot 2015-07-08 12.24.54

UC Cricket has freed me from the hassle of googling and waiting to get live news. It has really helped me to become social. I can now go anywhere or attend any function without being bothered to get live updates.

-Live Score with auto-updates
– Fixture & Result
– Latest News
– Videos
All these come free with UC CricketExcitement and happiness at your fingertips. Download the browser today to enjoy cricket and life.
Watch the video of beloved Yuvi #YuviSurfsUC.



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