Embrace The Future With #AsusZenfone2

I was expecting some wonders from Asus after the Zenfone 6 in the line of mobiles and, was eagerly waiting for an announcement on their part. I was delighted with the launch of Zenfone 2, another magic added to the pretty awesome list of Zenfones. So, what are the features that has given #AsusZenfone2 an edge over its competitors? I bet, you’ll drool over the astounding features of #Zenfone2. Let’s explore it.

•The BoostMaster Adapter & 3000mAH Battery

The BoostMaster Adapter is able to charge the Zenfone 2 at a much faster speed. The unique Asus technology enables it to gain up to 60% of charge in less than 39 minutes. Impressing your girlfriend was never easier. From zero to hero in just 39 minutes, so to say. I just can’t believe it!!

 PixelMaster Camera (Best Lowlight Features)

The PixelMaster Camera is an astounding feature of Asus Zenfones.
It helps to click  crystal clear photos in different modes. The zero shutter lag and the ability to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night are sure to provide the users a unique experience.

A 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera will surely even please those who like to click selfies.
The PixelMaster technology also includes the super HDR to improve the light balance. It also has Dual-Color Real Tone Flash.
I think Zenfone 2 will make the camera experience with mobile a great one. Stunning photography with mobile camera is a reality now, even in low-light.
#AsusZenfone2 is a perfect side-kick to your DSLR.
In fact, the PixelMaster camera and upto 400% enhancement in the picture clarity, are the most outstanding feature of #Zenfone2.


The Ergonomic Arc Design


The Zenfone 2 has a never-before ergonomic arc design. With a physical rear key at the back of the phone, you can take selfies or adjust the volumes with much ease. This human engineering makes the interaction between you and your Zenfone 2 much effortless and effective.

The 5.5- inch Zenfone 2 actually fits in the body of a traditional 5-inch device. Asus has done this wonder by reducing the bezel width!


The last but not the least ( to be precise, the greatest) feature:

• 4 GB RAM

This is the world’s first smartphone with 4 GB RAM. One can go gaga over this feature! It’s pretty much a wonder. 4 GB RAM means a seamless surfing experience. No stumbling over while downloading a movie and sending a mail simultaneously. I can enjoy my playing my favorite game while listening to a popular number. So on and forth. 4 GB RAM is a dream-come-true for me.

Now, comes the most important thing, the pricing. You must have been thinking it as a smartphone  which is priced to shell out a fortune to have it in your possession. Calm down, it is the most affordable considering the features it has. Comparing to any other model with similar ( read less) features, it is the best buy without a doubt.

Visit now Flipkart to see the unbelievable price and be a proud owner of #AsusZenfone2

I know you’re an Asus fan, visit their official page on Facebook.

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