I Am Happy

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,”“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”. Nothing can be truer than this. Life is short and, we have so many things to done, so many commitments to fulfill. So I think we should garner happiness from every possible corner…..from every possible situation.

It is true that it’s not possible to be happy all the time. But, why not have the optimism? Why not have the positive mindset to look at the bright side of everything? After all, happiness is what we think, how we act and how we feel; all in a harmonious way.

Happiness to me is a state of mind and, I always try to be in that state. I don’t need an expensive exotic trip to feel my mind with bubbles of happiness. A brisk walk by the side of the sea, even a Chowpatty beach stroll, does the magic for me. Enjoying a spicy bhelpuri with my friends or hanging out with them just doing nothing but chatting about everything under the sun, makes me happy.

Don’t we feel happiness in those news bringing smiles to your near and dear ones? Last year when my cousin cracked the IIT and came running to our house, shouting and dancing all through the way, the scene, the news, presented some perfect moments of happiness to me. The twinkling of his eyes, the joy in his shout….I could feel the ecstasy along with him. I shared his happiness and became a part of it. I think such things not only fills our mind with the purest of happiness, but also makes some moments  to cherish forever in life.

When my Mom makes my favorite dish, that is instant happiness for me. Relishing on food that satisfies my taste buds and licking my fingers even after finishing the food, makes me happy. No, I’m a glutton when it comes to food but I enjoy good food specially made by my mom. Happiness of such types is quite tangible.(though I think particularly this thing, makes everyone happy)

Happiness is easy to find if  one really wants it. When I put a ten-rupee-note on the hand of the handicapped beggar, who  used to stand just outside my office, his smile feels my mind with happiness.

After a long day at the office, when finally I get a break to move down to the common lounge and plan with my friends for a hangout in the evening, oh! Man! Happiness it is. A lovely text from my girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning helps me understanding the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness is always present in such trivial moments and experiences of life.  If someone wants to be happy, the sight of the clear blue sky after a heavy shower can make him so. Life is short, we’ve every right to make it beautiful by all means. Staying happy is a part of it.

Coca-Cola India celebrates such simple happiness in this ad http://CokeURL.com/96jnc. Nothing can make one happier and more refreshed than a bottle of Coca-Cola! The brand is synonymous with happiness. Enjoy the ad below and feel the same. Stay happy, stay refreshed with Coca-Cola and say #Iamhappy

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