Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

Owning a car is everybody’s dream in our country. For some, it’s a passion. The joy and happiness of welcoming the first car in your family are something undescribable in words. My dad bought the first car (Maruti 800) when I was a student. It was quite comfortable for four of us and, we loved the car. But eventually it was replaced  by a Hyundai Santro. While upgrading from Maruti 800 to Santro, I strongly opinionated for another brand. But dad didn’t budge. As I’m in a service for a two years now, I’m dreaming to buy a car of my own. And for that where should I look other than One may ask, why Quikr? Well, let me elaborate.

QuikrNXT, we all know, is probably the biggest online platform for buying or selling anything; anything from a pin to an elephant. You have a plethora of choices in every segment but still it’s easy to find out the thing you want. The most user-friendly portal I’ve ever seen! Now what happens when I search for cars? They show me huge options. And just look at the number of total options in CARS, it’s 241569! Even the most fickle-minded guys are sure to find something buyable here.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 02.10.18
Now, buying a car means investing a lot of money and, one must be careful and do adequate research. While there is a brief description attached to every car on the site, still there are many issues need to get cleared like insurance, mileage, test drive etc. One may think that means a lot of phone calls or emails with every seller, but, QuikrNXT is designed for convenience. We can chat to clear our every doubt and, even share unlimited photos, that too, according to our own timings. We can later compare different cars from the specifications stored in the chat history. Yes, all your chat history will be stored and, you can easily compare between two or more cars using them. No other portal in India has this unique advantage.

You can refine your search according to your need, choice and, budget. There are all sorts of filters to pinpoint your need. There is also a section as you can see below, “No Fikar Inspected Cars”. This is adding a huge advantage on the side of the buyer as the listed cars are inspected by the site itself. So, I think now I’ve made my point clear about why QuikrNXT is my first choice while buying cars.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 04.59.39
My earnest wish is to buy a Honda City and, the thing that made me super happy is, I can even refine my search with colors! As you can easily see in the screenshot provided that even the search can be further made narrower by choosing the desired area. Buying a car was never so convenient. I must admit.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 05.16.07
I wish to buy soon my first car from QuikrNXT and, my readers can expect another elaborate review of my experience and, my car. I can safely conclude that QuikrNXT is the site which will never make you feel disappointed. Go and try it, you’ll feel the difference.

This is a part of the Indi-Happy Hour “Get A Better Car With QuikrNXT”  Campaign, in association with and Indiblogger.

All the screenshots are taken from the Quikr site.

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