My Pimple Saga

Pimple is a small word with a demonic effect, at least to me. I’ve been experiencing this distasteful lesions since my prepubescent days, and I know exactly how it feels with a couple of red zits proudly announcing their presence on the cheeks or the chin.

Most of the times, it starts in this way that, I wake up in the morning with an itchy feeling or irritation on the skin and as soon as I examine myself on the mirror of the toilet, my nightmare comes true! “Oh! NO! not again. These pimples are driving me crazy”! My silent scream mocks me and I realize that I’ve to accept the reality. So for the next few days, my lifestyle changes completely as I try my best to hide those pimples from the world!

First of all, I’ve to stop shaving as I become afraid that I’ll hurt myself badly in the process. The pimples are primarily quite painful and just a little scratch, while shaving, is enough to make me scream. And there I’m, with an unshaven face and untrimmed beard, all because of those PIMPLES.


The next conundrum begins as I prepare myself for the office. Having a face decorated with pimples doesn’t look good at all. It’s not only a matter of concern for girls but, for boys also. Moreover, womenfolk usually throw a look   as if I’m suffering not from acne problems but, from some fatal infectious disease. I can’t use heavy make-up to camouflage it and so it actually becomes a painful problem. I’ve no way but to hide my face and make my presence as inconspicuous as possible among the crowd. Again, just for those PIMPLES!




It is said, that “only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches”. For me, it is, “only the bearer knows where the acne itches”! Trust me, the problem is graver when it comes to guys. We can’t keep on ranting about it. We can’t apply anti-pimple masks or blah blah blah things to get rid of them. We just have to bear it silently. This is one hell of a problem and just as I’m about to explain a PowerPoint presentation, the pimples make me aware of their presence with the itch and pain! And here I’m again….trying a move which almost makes me look like a buffoon instead of an IT professional. All because of the PIMPLES.


God sometimes plays really foul with me by making the most dreadful nightmares real. As I reach home after a long tiring day at the office, my girlfriend calls me up at her own will ( which she rarely does).  With an extremely cheerful voice, she asks me to meet her the next day. I would have considered this offer as something equally prestigious as the Nobel Prize at any other time! But with these pimples on my face? How can I meet her? Just think of the dilemma, man! You can’t refuse her for she will take that as an extreme insult, and if you agree, you’re sure to get a loathing look from her for your acne infested face. 😦  Koi karein toh kya karein!!!

5405508-9372690_1-v1NO, I can’t just imagine standing in front of her with a face like this! I mumble and inform her that I’ve to attend an important meeting and so, we can’t meet. Not a single word and…she hung up. Oh! is there nothing which can save my love life from ruining?

My sulky face attracts my sister’s attention.

“What happened bro?”


I know she will definitely tease me if I tell her the truth. Sisters are always there to pull your legs and, a naughty sister like Pinky, can make you feel even worse. But she is my best friend too and this time as I looked at her flawless skin with no acne or anything, a faint ray of hope arises in my mind.

“Errrr…sis… do you know anything that can solve my pimple problem? I need some good stuff…effective and fast.”

“Oh! now I can understand. She must have called you up and so you’re seeking advice from me. You know, I’m a very sensible and good girl and so I’m here with the best remedy you can have.” She winked.

“Please, please tell me and I promise, I’ll give you a nice gift.”

“That’s great! Have you ever heard of Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash? It’s the best thing one can get to get rid of those wretched pimples. It contains real Neem leaf and Tree Tea oil extracts which naturally fight against germs and pollution and make your skin oil-free. An oil-free skin doesn’t let dirt and germs settle on it causing the pores  to get clogged. Thus, the skin becomes healthy and free of pimples.” 

She knows so many things! I should have consulted her earlier. After all, a sister is always there for you when you’re in danger. 😀

“How do you know all these?” I ask her.

“No rocket science. Just visit this Garnier site, Nopimplesnomarks and you’ll understand everything. And don’t forget my gift.”

After using Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash for just a few days, I feel as if I’m sailing in the sky with a much smoother face and I even try to sing a song in its praise! Much in the tune of “Pyaar to hona hi tha!!!!


All I can say, thank you! my sis, for being with me and thanks Garnier for coming up with such a product which is equally helpful for guys also. It really works on our rough skin too. If you suffer from a pimple problem like me, just try it out and it will be of real help.

Garnier face wash

Last but not the least, I called up my girlfriend after a few days to make everything clear and after hanging on for more than one hour, we somewhat came to a truce.

All’s well that ends well.

This post is written as an entry for the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash Contest, in association with , and Indiblogger

The cartoons are made with Bitstrips.

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