My Choice, My Kind of Device


In today’s world, we can’t think of a life without gadgets and gizmos. The internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life and we can choose the most appropriate device that suits best to us from a variety of ranges. When comes to gadgets, I’m a little freaky and my preference keeps on changing. That doesn’t mean that I buy all the devices that are flooding the market every day, but rather I make a survey of my own regarding a particular brand and its products. After judging the pros and cons of a device I usually take my decisions which are, as my friends say, always wise.


The Zenfone range of ASUS already has already surprised me with their wonderful features and that, too, within an affordable budget. Now, they’ve introduced the EeeBook X205TA and All In One PC ET2040. Both of them primarily look irresistible to me. The EeeBook comes with an Atom Quad Core (4th Gen) processor, 2GB DD3 RAM and 32 GB EMMC HDD. And the price is unbelievable! only INR 14,999! It’s really #GoSleek in every way. It has color variants too and that makes it more attractive, (especially among women 😛 ) But when I checked the All In One PC ET2040, it just bowled me over.

The All In One PC ET2040 has innovative gesture control which enables the user to control the device from up to five meters away! Wow! sounds really cool. I have a sort of addiction for computer games. I spend most of my leisure time playing games on the computer. Every game-freak knows that one needs a seamless and efficient connectivity to play high-end games like Asphalt 8, Airborne or Assassin’s Creed. You’ll miss all the enjoyment and excitement without a super-fast graphic. The ASUS All In One PC with it’s latest Intel Processor makes gaming an effortless fun. Moreover, multitasking is a child’s play when I have this with me. A big enough screen to share multiple apps, which run simultaneously without any interruption, makes gaming and working synonymous.

It has three Superspeed USB 3.0 ports which enable me to charge other devices like smartphones, tablets at a much faster speed. It can also transfer data between devices at a 10 times faster speed! I can connect to the built-in-HDMI-out port to connect to a second display, and wait, that’s not all…. to experience entertainment more vividly, it can also be connected directly to an HDTV! Whoa! sounds hell of a thing! As we all know, the bigger, the better.

The All In One PC ET2040 is actually a device that can be effectively used both for work and entertainment purpose effectively. I can watch movies on a big screen with the help of it; can play songs while preparing a presentation or while playing. The most attractive feature being the gesture control! With 2GB on board memory and Intel HD Graphics, it is all the more attractive. The OS is Windows 8.1.

I’m presently targeting for it because in my opinion it seems to be the best in its category at a price of only INR 25,999. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it and enjoy the experience.

This post is written as an entry for the Indi Happy Hour campaign in association with All In One PC ET2040ASUS EeeBook X205TA and Indiblogger.

Picture Courtesy: Indiblogger & ASUS

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