Cupid’s Game

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PC : Indiblogger

Shakespeare said in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” Nothing can be more true than it and when I think of my girl, I can feel her presence everywhere with me. Emotions fire up when I think of proposing her and with that, a sense of hesitation too. Will she like the way I’m going to tell her the most precious words of my life? Will she accept me in the way I’m? I have so many thoughts in my mind and this Valentine’s day, I’m going to take the most valuable decision of my life, I’m going to propose my dream-girl.

On the morning of the V-day, I will call her up early in the morning. I’ll make an arrangement with the florist and while she will pick my call, the florist boy will ring the bell to deliver a bouquet made up of hundred red roses and a box of heart shaped chocolates. I want to hear her shout of joy and want to feel her ecstasy of that very moment. A good start to the day.

Next, I’ve planned something a bit weird but that’s because a little spice makes life nice. I’ll send her a text that I won’t be able to take her out in the evening because I’ve to attend a meeting and it is urgent. Surely that’ll make her fuming with rage! Meanwhile, I’ll connive with my friends and, as instructed one of them will call her to inform that  a friends’ meet has been arranged and she must join them in the evening. It’s up to that friend  how will she/he will coax her to join them. I need help of my friends to make my plan successful.

In the meantime, I’ll book a table at her favorite Italian restaurant. I know she loves Mozzarella balls in Caprese salad and potato gnocchi just makes her drool. The Italian backdrop will make the final scene bold and romantic.

As per the plan, the friends’ meet will take place at one of our common friend’s house. As soon as she will arrive there, one of the friends, will deliver a dialogue which will be something like this,”You know, I called up Anil, but it said ‘not available’. Then I tried to get him through his official number, a person told that he had left for the day”. This piece of information will surely make her upset and even more infuriated.

The next part of the plan is all of them will decide to gang up and spend the evening at the same Italian restaurant where I will be waiting for them. I think I can even  come up with a tad bit disguise 😀 Nothing so dramatic though, a wig and a Valentine special tee-shirt would be enough.

Leisure Club Painted T-Shirt Collection 2012 For Valentine Special - 008 -
I’ll make myself something like this ~~~~~~~~Pic Courtesy : Leisure Club~~~~~


After entering the restaurant, my friends will pretend to be busy with their mobiles or anything and when she will be standing there, alone in the crowd, with an unhappy face and big, sad eyes, I’ll make my move. I’ll go and hold her hand and will be on my knees to propose her with nothing expensive but a single red rose.

The simultaneous wave of happiness and wonder will make her face glow and she’ll blush as all of our friends will begin to cheer. I’ll give her the rose and say, “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”

The demure, after a few seconds, will smile coyly and accept my proposal.

That is how I would love to propose to my crush. A dream now, but I hope soon it will come true.

Love is a Cupid’s game, isn’t it? Visit CupidGames.CloseUp to know more this Valentine’s day. Find your love and get closer with confidence.

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