The Litterbug’s Story

Who is The Great Indian Litterbug? 

A person who tries to fill this country with all the wastes he has is adorably called a litterbug. To him, all the public places are his litter bins and so it is the sole aim of his life to make proper use of them. He, by no means, wants to leave a space on the face of this planet spic and span. He considers that a sacrilege. So, let’s  consider a few cases which will make you familiar with his ‘modus operandi’.

Courtesy :
Courtesy :

The Great Spitting Spirit

Due to some inexplicable reasons the Great Indian Litterbug has a tendency to salivate most of the times. He is often seen to throw out that unwanted thick liquid in the form of ‘spit’. Moreover, he spits more when he chews tobacco or betel leaf or gutkha. We don’t blame him for spitting for it’s not at all healthy to store those gallons of spit within his body. He happily paints the wall red, that’s also good as the colour red signifies strength and vigour. Not only that, in addition to his spitting spirit, he gladly throws his phlegm (in case he catches a cold) on to some walls or on open road. So clever of him! It’s really nasty to blow globs of snot on tissues or kerchiefs. Using public properties for throwing such wastes is the best solution and the litterbug knows that very well.

Clicked by me
Clicked by me

Spreading of (Un)Holy Water

The Great Indian Litterbug always answers promptly to his nature’s call, even when on the road. He is quick-witted, you know, and has an instant solution to every problem. He evidently finds a nook or corner where he can safely let out his bodily waste called ‘urine’. Maybe, it is the wall of  another person’s house or the corner of a children’s park, but he doesn’t mind these trivial things. The reeky smell of that particular place may raise your nausea, but he just doesn’t care. As the melancholy Jaques said in Shakespeare’s play As You Like It, ”all the world’s a stage”, so our litterbug keeps on saying,”all the world’s a toilet”.

Eat & Throw

This is the favorite game of our litterbug. He loves to eat fast-foods, especially chips, burgers and after munching them what is to be done with the packets? Oh! the poor litterbug! He doesn’t even know the word ‘litter-bin’. So what does he do? He just throws them on the road. Packets, bottles and everything (Now don’t get infuriated, do you expect him to carry all those things in his bag? Oh, I pity you!) And he enjoys this throwing game very much. Litter here, litter there, what a beauty!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful account of the Great Indian Litterbug. He is really a great soul and we need to understand that. So. next time you spot him carrying out his favorite activities in public places, don’t forget to take a picture. People like him need mass recognition so that they can be properly rewarded. Untill then, watch this video and enjoy.

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