Her Story

She got married at the tender age of fifteen, when she actually had no idea about marriage, husband or responsibilities. But she had to take a lot of responsibilities. Her mother-in-law had a partial paralysis, she had to take care of her. Her husband had seven more little brothers and sisters and she had to look after them too. Her husband lived in another town for his job and visited them once in a month. She was the guardian of the family at the age of  fifteen, she managed everything and even resumed her study. She had a passion for education and she used to get up even before the sunrise every day so that she could read and write for an hour before starting the daily chores.

That was the time when there was no electricity, no electrical gadgets and appliances, and no maids for her also as they belonged to the lower middle-class section of the society. She never demanded anything expensive or fancy to her husband, instead, she told him to buy her books. She knew that her husband had to feed and look after his siblings and that was a huge responsibility. She began to make small handcrafted baskets, rugs and similar items and sold them to her friends and relatives. Almost 75 years ago, that was a step which earned her much condemn but she believed in herself and dignity of labor. Slowly but steadily, she built a niche market for her products and after a few years, when her children were big enough to look after themselves, she opened a shop.

She gave birth to her first child at the age of eighteen and  by twenty-five, she became the proud mother of three more. She never discriminated between her sister/brother-in-laws and her own children. She was like a tree providing shade, fruits, flowers and shelter to all those who came to her.

She was my grandmother.


My Grandma with my sister :D
My Grandma with my sister 😀

She was a caring daughter-in-law and a dedicated wife and a loving sister-in-law and a dutiful mother and a self-educated person and a businesswoman and a true friend to all. Apart from all these facets, she was a great cook and singer and was very good in maths.

She was one of those women who effortlessly make them multidimensional and have so many layers in their character. She was a perfect example of #UseYourAnd.

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