Go to Bangalore, Quikr

Source : Indiblogger
Source : Indiblogger

Relocating to any place means one has to plan millions of things. Gathering information about the pros and cons of the place, searching for a decent place to start the new household, inquiring in social networking sites about the available means of transport, or, if anybody is there who can give you company while you’re struggling to customize yourself according to the ambiance of the new city.  But relocating to Bangalore (or Bengaluru) means you’ve to deal with much more. Apart from the aforesaid things, the weather of Bangalore is quite hot and humid, the autowalahs are famous for their whims and tantrums and getting a decent flat with reasonable rent in the famous “Silicon Valley of India” is like getting the Nobel.

How does it feel when you get a friend who provides you solutions to almost all of your problems regarding relocation in Bangalore? Well, I  know your are saying after reading this,”no such friend exists in this cruel world!” But keep patience, to make you feel relieved, here comes Bangalore Quikr.com, the exclusive “it’s just Quikr in Bangalore site”!

As we all know, Quikr is, at present India’s largest portal for online and mobile classifieds. It acts as an effective conduit between buyers and sellers and thus helping millions of people everyday. The idea of developing exclusive city-based portals is unique and proves to be helpful for not only those who live in that particular city, but also for those who find them at a loss while relocating for the first time to an unknown city.

Let’s take an instance. The primary need while relocating to a city is a rented flat. I gave a search in the Bangalore Quikr.com website for a 1 BHK (I’m single and 1 BHK is enough for me) flat and within seconds it came up with a staggering 10505 results! The locations, rents etc are clearly mentioned and one can easily select something which best suits him. Quite a quick and easy job. Isn’t it? Hunting for houses in Bangalore was never so smooth.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 04.06.33After selecting a shelter, next things that prioritize my list, are those people who prove to be essential for us at any point of time. More so, when we are new to a city. Yes, I’m talking about, electricians, mechanics, plumbers and most importantly doctors. You can see in the screenshot provided below that there is a convenient list of all sorts of services, the nitty-gritty of life is well conceived by Quikr and it has catered all the necessary information one could possibly need in Bangalore.  From conveyance to catering, from astrologer to lawyer, from baby-sitters to maids, you name it, they will present a nice list within seconds.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 04.22.35Just take a glance at the main page of Bangalore.Quikr.com and you’ll understand that it’s not an exaggeration. This site, dedicated particularly to Bangaloreans, is proved to become essential for those who are relocating there. My office has a branch in Bangalore too and they could send me there any day. In that case, I would like to depend solely on http://bangalore.quikr.com/ for all my needs. In the same order as described in this post. Thanks to Quikr for coming up with such an useful site.

All screenshots provided here are taken from bangalore.quikr.com

 This post is an entry for Indi Happy-Hours Campaign in association with Indiblogger and bangalore.quikr.com

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