Papa, #WillYouShave ?


My father went for a month-long official tour. It was quite hard for us to spend time without him. Especially for my mom because I was only 10 years old and my sister being only 4. My little sister often used to throw tantrums for she was Papa’s blue-eyed girl. It was almost impossible to console her at times. Twenty years ago from now, there was no availability of internet or abundance of mobile phones, so it was not easy to contact with a person who was 100 kilometers away. I used to show her pictures of my father and tried to make her understand that he would soon be home.

It was a Friday night when Papa knocked the gate. Mom and I knew that he was scheduled to come that day but we didn’t disclose that to the little kid. We wanted it to come as a great surprise to her. We wanted her to be overjoyed seeing her father. We wanted to see her expression and all three of us were hoping to have a great family moment.

But as soon as Papa entered the room and spread his arms to hug his dearest daughter, she let out a cry after throwing a single glance at him. She refused to go to his lap and behaved as if he was a stranger. It was a strange moment! Mama said to her,”look baby, here is your Papa, go and give him a hug”. She cried even bitterly, went to her room, took out a photograph of Papa from the drawer and said pointing towards it,”This is not Papa..papa has no such hairs (stubble) on his face, give me my Papa back”!!!!

Then it became all clear to us. Papa didn’t had the chance to shave as he was under tremendous work pressure. He really was looking odd. But that was not possible for the little girl to comprehend and she took him as a stranger. 😀

We were laughing and Papa went straight to the toilet to have a bath and shave. When he came out, little sis at once jumped to his lap and started blabbering all sort of things. It was a happy moment for all four of us.

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