No Stubble and He Won Her Heart

Once upon a time there was a cottage upon a hill
A maid lived over there whose beauty could kill
Any young lad on the face of the earth
The maid’s  heart was pure, nature full of mirth.

Yonder came a boy from the city one day
Fair he was, handsome too but hey …
He proudly caressed his stubble as he walked
Happy was he, but our maid was shocked !!

The boy fell in love, head over heels
Seeing the maid he thought,”look kills”
He wanted to marry the lovely belle
“How to win her heart? who can tell?”

“Dress like a gentleman, mind your manners
She likes everything modest, hates dazzle and banners”
Said a friendly guy to him.
And what about my lovely stubble? do it need a trim?”

Stubble? Oh God! she hates it from her heart
You should get rid of that part.
That’s the only thing that stands between
You must look shaven and clean”.

“But I love my stubble” said the man
“It’s symbol of masculinity and looks good
I’m fine with this”.
“Okay”, said the friend, “then forget that demure miss”.

The man thought and understood.
Masculinity has nothing to do with his stubble-hood.
If he continues with this trend, uncool and old
He should miss the opportunity to struck gold.

One fine morning he made himself free of stubble.
“Oh, yes, now I’ve got rid of that messy trouble 
I’m looking so clean and fresh
I’m happy being stubble-less”.

He went to the garden to get a single rose
A rose for a rose, she is a poetry, no mundane prose”
He dreamt and went to meet the girl
With a red rose and a string of pearl.

The girl’s happiness knew no bounds
She was overwhelmed to see him around
His new look. no stubble and so cool
She accepted his love, her mind so full.

Thus ended the love-story and they got married.
With the ‘no-stubble’ look that he carried.
A perfect couple they look so happy and pure
Gone was that trouble, STUBBLE no more.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association withGillette.

I’m accepting Maniparna’s tag through this post.

Topics for Guys:
  • Missed chances- Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a non-shaven face.
  • Luck or Confidence?- Will you leave your fate in the hands of destiny or will you step up and say yes to a well-groomed face to be at your best everyday? #WillYouShave.
Topics for Girls
  • An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
  • An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

I’m tagging a few friends, , ShwetaPreeti. Kindly mention my tag if while writing for this activity.

4 thoughts on “No Stubble and He Won Her Heart”

  1. I am still wondering that this amazing piece of poem has no likes at alll… Its strange!! By the way dude, the words and phrases you used in the poem were just amazing…

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