Ritesh Spoke Out, #AbMontuBolega

Image Courtesy : Strepsils & Indiblogger
Image Courtesy : Strepsils & Indiblogger

Ritesh was still feeling lazy to wake up on the Sunday morning. The sun too seemed to be half-awake as the meek rays were trying hard to warm up the locality at 7.00 am. Winter time, thought Ritesh, a comfortable season to soothe everyone and also that special time of the year for celebrations. The small town, where they reside, has nearly all the facilities of a big city except the tremendous hustle and bustle, and of course, the pollution. They lead a tranquil live and yet that is so much alive. The thought at once brought a feeling of calmness and peace on him. The chirping of birds, the tring-tring of the milkman’s cycle accompanied by the occasional honk of cars …made him so fulfilled.

He was about to get up from his bed when a sharp, shrill voice tore apart the peaceful ambiance of the morning.

“Oh! It’s that Mrs Gupta! again.” thought an irritated Ritesh,” it has become almost a daily ritual now”

Mrs Gupta was their next door neighbor, her husband held a high position in the office and her father is a millionaire with great political connection. So she took it as her right to do anything as she wished. Most of the times, she took her two pet dogs outside and just beside the entrance of Ritesh’s house, the two dogs urinated and often pooed!! Ritesh’s mother has told Mrs Gupta politely many times not to make the dogs doing  such things at that place…all in vain. Every morning she kept on calling her dogs in a shrill, serrated voice,” Come, come Ginny and Johnny…sit sit …yes sit here my sweetie pies”.

Ritesh cringed his nose as if  feeling that obnoxious smell and gooey sight from his bedroom. Thinking something in his mind, he got up from his bed and went outside.

“Hey there Mrs Gupta ..good morning” Ritesh smiled as Mrs Gupta murmured “Good morning” while her dogs were doing their usual chores.

“One thing I want to tell you ma’am and consider this as my final” said Ritesh in a stern and bold voice “Kindly prevent your dogs from doing such things just outside our gate. Not only it looks and smells unhealthy but it’s also making the whole surrounding a garbage. Haven’t you seen the ”Banega Swachh Bharat” campaign by the Government? Aren’t you and your family are contributing your bit to this? It’s so strange that respected and powerful people like you are behaving like this and are setting a very bad example.”

Mrs Gupta tried to said something but couldn’t find any words. An almost inaudible “sorry” came out from her mouth.

Ritesh happily came inside the house and said her mother,”Mom, it’s time that we should raise our voice about anything that is dirty. It’s the need of the time. We shouldn’t be silent spectators anymore. If  you think your voice is soared, please take a Strepsils, clear your voice and shout out against everything unclean. It’s our right and it’s our duty. Strepsils is doing a wonderful job by spreading these words and making us aware of our rights.The voice and power of common man empowered by Strepsils.”

“Let’s exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.”

Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega

Ritesh’s Mom smiled and nodded her head,”Thanks Beta, I’ll remember your words and Strepsils”.

To know more about Strepsils and #AbMontuBolega campaign, please watch this video by visiting their page HERE.

Also stay connected socially with their FACEBOOK page and TWITTER. Break your silence and shout out #AbMontuBolega for a cleaner India.

This post is written as a part of #AbMontuBolega campaign for Indi-Happy Hours in association with Indiblogger and Strepsils.

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