They Were In Love #BringBackTheTouch

Touch, the word brings a lot of sensation. A sincere touch from the deepest core of the heart can heal every wound. A touch of love can fade out the anger from one’s mind. Remember that famous “Jaadu ki Jhappi“of Munnabhai? Wasn’t it a touch of love to refresh one’s mind? It acted in a wonderful way and that was not totally a filmy drama. It happens in reality too.

In our college we had a group of friends, Angshuman, Aranya, Nisha and me. We used to do everything together. Teachers used to say that we had been glued together. But we knew that the invisible adhesive was friendship and love. We were always united and partners in every crime. Once Nisha made a cartoon of our Maths professor on the board and before she could wipe that out, the professor arrived at the class. One of our classmates fell for his persistence and intimidation and spilled the beans. But the teacher was perplexed when all four of us stood together and each claimed that he/she was the artist! I still remember that he took all four of us to the Rector who ordered us to stand at the lawn for the whole day. We actually enjoyed that punishment.

No good thing lasts for ever. Our group was about to scatter as Angshuman’s father had to shift to another state for his job. When we got the news, we all were shocked and shattered. We were not able to understand the situation at that age and Angshuman even cursed his father for being a Central Government Officer! But we just had nothing to do but bear the painful separation.

On the day of their departure, the three of us went to the airport for the send-off. Both Aranya and Nisha were sobbing and I was trying my best to conceal my tears. Just after the announcement of the final call, Angshuman hugged Aranya and me. Nisha was standing by my side, she held out her hand and Angshuman took her hand in his. That moment, that touch clearly told us one thing, they were not mere friends but they shared deeper relationship.

Touch reveals a lot, it has its own way to speak out. Angshuman and Nisha are still in love with each other and we make them butt of our jokes reminding that very first ‘touch’ they shared. #BringBackTheTouch has proved to be so literal in their lives.

This video from ( Parachute Advansed Body Lotion) spreads a beautiful message,  #BringBackTheTouch . Do watch it and feel the power of touch.

This post is an entry for Indi Happy Hours #BringBackTheTouch Campaign in association with and Indiblogger


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