My Dream, My Home

It is said “home is where the heart is” and a home which fulfills one’s every wish, turns every dream into reality, is a perfect one. But a perfect home, as we visualize it in our mind, is something hard to build. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the suitable tiles, sometimes the flooring gets all the wrong way and when it comes to bathroom and kitchen, it becomes really hard to choose the right things from a plethora of designs and varieties. So here is PORCELANOSA  with their exquisite range of wall floors, tiles and just everything one needs to create a dream home! The entire range will make you gape in awe. Creativity and perfection go hand in hand here.

So, here are some of my favourites which I would like to pick for my ‘dream home’ to make it heavenly and exclusive.
First of all, for me, the walls get the most priority before anything else. Because  walls are those contour that encapsulate all other decorations. I would like to pick the Metal effect wall tiles for a bright, warm radiance and glitter. So, Arabia Gold (1,5 x 1,5 cm) would be shining as bright sunrays on one side of my living room.

Arabia-Gold-(1,5x1,5)-29,5x29,5x0,4For the bathroom, my choice is metallic again and this time it is Madison Plata (31,6 x 90 cm) . The shimmer of this beautiful tile is sure to make my bathroom look like a royal one.

P-Madison_Plata31,6x90cmI’ve a love for bathtubs, all the days toil can be washed out when one relaxes in the cozy lukewarm water of a tub. So, I’m simultaneously choosing this bold, black beauty for the embellished bathroom. A perfect match, isn’t it? A play with the light and shine contrasted by the boldness of black.

banera-victorian-single-negraNext comes the flooring, which is almost as important as the walls. For my bathroom the Borneo Sage (43,5 x 43,5 cm) The colour is in perfect sync with the wall and the shimmer looks natural. Not only that, the texture creates a sober tone as it’s single coloured.
Now, Ithink its quite clear that I’m a bit obsessed with the bathroom section 😀 Yes, I am. For I believe that every day should begin with a nice feeling and end with a pleasant note.

P-Borneo_Sage43,5x43,5cm_H (1)
Kitchen is nonetheless that part of the house that satisfies  our gastronomical pleasures. I want my kitchen to be minimalist and trendy, and this time it is G690 Roble Petróleo / Roble Blanco Cal model from  Porcelanosa. It’s creative, versatile with enough storage place for an ideal kitchen. Moreover, components, such as glass or KRION® countertops has been used to make it exclusive in the truest sense.

Finally, comes the turn for my dream wardrobe and for that the top priority is space, space and space. This Terra Yeso Brillo model, I think is just tailor-made for my need. A simple yet elegant look with customized space organization. Perfect for me.

So folks, this much for today. The above mentioned things are enough to make me satisfied to the fullest extent. Porcelanosa is an unique site with the widest range of choicest products I’ve explored so far. To know more about them you can visit A noble and pure form of lifestyle.

P.S. All the photographs used here belong to PORCELANOSA

This post is written for Indi-Happy Hours for the campaign  “Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them and why” in association with Indiblogger, and

2 thoughts on “My Dream, My Home”

  1. Yes a great informative blog on a dream home, you have some captivating and beautiful pictures of what a dream home should look like. I agree with you how it should be!!
    Tanya from Sydney, Australia

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